Half Term – Exmouth Beach, Soft Play and Wine

Hi lovelies! How is everyone doing after the half term break? I loved having the children home all week, no rushing around anywhere and just pleasing ourselves. But, I am quite glad to have a little peace to myself without having to referee the rugrats.

As I mentioned in my previous post I put zero pressure on myself to be fun mum. We went out every day whether it was over to the park, the shops, to a friends house etc. I made sure they had one really fun exhausting day out, we went to Exmouth and were there by 9.15am to go to Ocean soft play for a couple of hours. The kiddies really needed to run riot and be as loud as they wanted. Safe to say by the end they were sweating, shattered and starving – a good result!

We then had a walk along the seafront. I think at this time of year it is the only thing I miss about Exmouth – the beach. Not to go on the sand but I love walking along and taking it all in, plus a little bit of people watching. The children had an ice cream and were very content chatting away watching dogs run into the water and people building sand castles. We then went to visit my mum, sister, brother and nephew which was lovely. We miss them a lot so it was so nice to have some time with them, the children obviously were fed sweets, chocolates and whatever else they sneaked whilst I wasn’t looking.

The rest of our week was a little more relaxed which is just what we needed. One of our favourite activities to do together is colouring in and crafting and there was a lot of this going on. The kiddies were quite intense but this is normal when they are spending so much time with one another, I did reach for the vino a couple of times as some days my head was about to explode. So a nice glass of red in the garden/sunshine was perfect.

We ended our week with a trip to The Fisherman’s Cot which is my favourite pub ever, it is cosy cute and has the most stunning backdrop. It was a rainy day which was my idea of heaven as the atmosphere was so cosy, we sat outside so the kiddies could run around.

Now we are back to the school run hum drum, although there are only 6 weeks left of the term. I mentioned this on Instagram but I feel really sad and like time is slipping away. I remember this time last year trying to savour every second with Charlie before he started Reception and now he is nearing the end of year R and heading into year 1. Don’t even get me started on my feelings of Amelie finishing year 2 and going into year 3, she’s my baby but is so grown up.

“The days are long but the years are short” – This saying is so true and very bittersweet.


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