Halloween Crafts & Sleepy Bears

As we had such a busy half term I thought it would be nice for the children (and me) to have a slow paced day. I stocked up on a few new paints, brushes, paper plates and googly eyes etc all ready for a Halloween crafty afternoon.

My two absolutely love arts and crafts, so I covered the table with newspaper and stuck it down with sellotape. I was a bit nervous about the cream carpet getting splattered with bright orange or black paint but, hey ho, it can be scrubbed! Luckily not a drop was spilt on the floor, Charlie did paint the wall a few times a lovely black/purple/green colour. They had fun and that is all that matters at the end of the day.

The artwork that the monkeys produced was brilliant and will definitely be going into their memory boxes. So here is our afternoon in pictures.

As you can tell by the last photo, my little Charlie bear was exhausted from all the fun, or was it because he had been awake since 5am!


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