Halloween Happiness

Halloween has always been one of the most exciting events of the year for me. Ever since I was little I have loved Halloween, the costumes, the treats, pumpkins – although we never carved pumpkins when I was small – the atmosphere, learning about it at school, the list goes on.

I never had a fancy Halloween costume back in my day, it was always the same, black bin liner to use as a cape with foil moons and stars on that I had carefully cut out using my mum’s tin foil and stuck on with sellotape. Either a green or orange cardboard witches hat, sometimes if I was lucky I got the shiny witches hat with the matted green hair attached to it. Glow in the dark vampire teeth, glow in the dark witches fingers with the long red nails and either a broom stick or devil fork. As you can tell, this outfit was not thought through very well but it made me super happy and I was grateful for the props my mum bought me. I still get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I think about Halloween as a child, they were the best times and nothing like the Halloween we know today.

Now I have children I would like to pass on the excitement, we always celebrate Halloween and the children have had some fantastic costumes. Every year we decorate the house with pumpkin candle holders, witchy bunting, ghosts and skeletons. We don’t carve our pumpkins until a day or two before 31st as they tend to go a bit droopy and no one likes a mouldy droopy looking pumpkin!

On Halloween morning we will go into the garden and decorate the outside of the house with spider webs, trick or treat signs and lots of lights – I love a good spooky (fairy) light. We will then put pumpkins on the drive and in the window and count down the hours until dark. I love the house being dark with just the pumpkins and our spooky lights on. I am looking forward to dressing the children up this year and taking them trick or treating around our neighbourhood, everyone gets into the spirit of things it is a really nice atmosphere, plus at the end of the night you come home with a bag full of treats.

Happy Halloween!!


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