Happy New Year, Welcome 2017!


The festive period is over, huge amounts of turkey and other party food has been consumed and my decorations came down the day after Boxing Day. During the run up to Christmas I long to put the decs up and make the house all Christmassy but once the big day is over I can’t wait to get everything packed away and all fresh for New Year. It always reminds me of that book my children have, A Squash and a Squeeze (I think that’s what it is called), where the old lady thinks her house is too small so she invites every animal she owns into her house, at the end they all leave and she realises her house was just fine the way it was because there is loads of room. That’s what it is like in my house, it feels really spacious when the tree is down and the garland is gone.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, our Christmas was really nice. We were all ill over the week though with my little Amelie being super poorly. She had a temperature for 4 days it reached nearly 39 so I swiftly took her to the doctors where we found out she had fluid in her ear, it was really swollen inside, her glands were up resulting in a viral infection. To be honest I thought that’s what they might say “it’s viral”, they always say that!

We were super lazy after Christmas and didn’t venture out of the house (only to go to the docs) for 3 days. I have loved having everyone at home, I’m certainly not ready for Amelie to return to school just yet. However, I am looking forward to getting back into a routine and having some sort of normality resume. I have really struggled to keep the house clean and tidy over the last couple of weeks and I intend on giving it a thorough clean once everyone has vacated. I may even jump on the Zoflora bandwagon to rid my house of germs and make it smell nice, if you have any suggestions on what scent I should get let me know. I’m not keen on anything too florally though.

I was going to write this amazing post on Goals for 2017 but to be honest I can’t be bothered as most of them are too boring and you would be reading them thinking ‘why do I want to know that!’. So, I will keep them to myself for now, ha ha!

Last year was quite a big year in our house, Amelie turned 4, Charlie turned 2 and of course the main event was my little baby starting big school. I still can’t believe she has been at school for 3 months and can read and write, it amazes me how much information she soaks up and how clever she is. I still think 4 years old is far too young to be going to school full time. I am dreading this year though, my tiny Prince starts preschool in April, what!!? Who will I have a cuppa tea with or talk crap with of a morning, he listens to everything I say and is my best buddy, I am going to be so lost without him for those few hours.

Amelie turns 5 on 23rd January and I’m currently organising her first proper party. She’s having a disco which she is super excited about, I’m trying to make it as stress less as possible by getting caterers in to do the food etc. I’m so looking forward to seeing her reaction and I know she will love all the attention. Her birthday is 3 days before mine and I’m not going to lie, I’m really struggling with this birthday.

I used to love birthdays and got so excited for them but this year I really do not want to head into the age I am going to be – it’s so old!! I already feel like a middle aged woman with a crusty face, bags under my eyes and droopy bits.  When do you get your groove back after becoming a mum? I have slowly fallen into the frumpy mum brigade, my hair got less important, my makeup bag got older and my clothes became more comfy. I can’t remember the last time I had nice underwear, nowadays it consists of bras from M&S that are at least 8 years old and big pants from Primark (soooooo comfy). I’m sure one day I’ll get some sass back but for now I’m slummy mummy.

Talking of slummy mummy (this post is so long already, soz), we’ve booked a holiday to Majorca in May so I need to get my bum in gear with my holiday wardrobe as the last time I bought a bikini was around 6 years ago, shock horror! Right I’m off to stalk some yummy mummies on Instagram for inspiration.

Have a great first week of the new year!


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