Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!! No, I am not confused and thinking it is January 1st. The end of the summer holidays signifies a brand fresh new start for me, even more so than the beginning of the year. We’ve had a long hot (very rainy at times) summer and it has been absolutely fantastic to share all that time off with our littles. I’m not going to sugar coat this and pretend that it has all been rainbows and fairy sprinkles. This summer for me, has been the most challenging in so many ways. With each summer that rolls round our children are that little bit older, are in completely different stages of life and to be frank are hard work.

Last summer was epic, it was my “last summer” with Charlie before he started school and I enjoyed soaking up all of our time together. Yes, it was hectic because we were right in the middle of our move, technically homeless (thank you to Mr K’s friend for putting a roof over our heads!) and entering unknown territory. But, I really truly enjoyed last summer with the children we made some brilliant memories that I will always treasure. Fast forward to this summer and I’ve felt the pressure full on, my children on some days have reduced me to tears, tears that I have shed right in front of them. Did it make any difference to how they treated me – not on your nelly!! They honestly couldn’t have given two f’s about my feelings and that made me sad. I do my best for them, run around like a mug all day and they appreciate zero.

My point really of this post is not to whine on about the struggles of motherhood, although I know tons of mums have felt exactly the same this summer. I honestly treat the return to school as a new start, a new season is soon to be upon us and I’m sorry but I am NOT feeling guilty for absolutely loving Autumn. What is it with all the Autumn haters out there, I don’t get it? I don’t hate on you just because you “LOVE SUMMER” I don’t hate summer at all but I prefer the cooler months and all that comes with it. I think it stems from childhood, all of my favourite memories are of Autumn/Winter coming home from school searching for conkers, going trick or treating in the dark, wrapping up warm in cosy coats and walking to my Nan’s house with my mum and sister, those were the best times for me.

I feel like the return to school signifies new beginnings, I have so many goals that I wish to smash this month and the remaining months of the year (4 if you are counting). I feel excited for the times ahead, I’m looking forward to getting back into a proper routine, regaining my blogging schedule as it has been impossible to maintain during the summer with the littles making demands and also wanting to spend every second with them. One thing I have continued to do is workout during the holidays, I like to get at least 5 consecutive days in then take the weekends off. It is just what works for me and I find working out eases the stress for me, I said to Mr K the other day that I have been consistently working out for 7 years at home, it is just a part of my daily routine I do not see it as “ME TIME” I’ve built it into my daily life. I love working out and eating well even with my tummy issues.

I am setting myself some very realistic and achievable goals which I know I can smash – fingers crossed. I will certainly share these with you once I achieve them and share how I got there. As I say this time of year is all about fresh new starts and setting goals, life is going to return to some sort of normality and the chaos, stress and intensity of the summer holidays will all be forgotten.


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