Holiday Blues

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a super New Year’s Eve.

It is the eve before the children return to school and Mr K returns to work, I’ve got to say I am so sad that the Christmas holidays are over – I have the holiday blues. Come Friday, we will have forgotten all about how we lounged around in our pyjamas leisurely getting breakfast and watching endless Christmas and 80s movies. This is the first year that I feel the holidays haven’t dragged, I didn’t get the Christmas limbo last week and I wasn’t looking forward to the return of school.

Granted I’ve nagged my children more than I care to admit over the last 2 weeks, I’m sick of the sound of my whiney voice telling them to calm down, stop fighting (they fought over a prawn cracker on New Year’s Eve – seriously!), share, keep the noise down, tidy up. But I am going to miss them so much this week, my house will be clean, tidy and quiet, I will miss their little hyper shouts. I made sure I took lots of photos for our memory book over the holidays as Amelie and Charlie are growing up so fast I want to remember their little excited faces.

It is going to be a big year for us, there are lots of things we wish to achieve and lots of big events happening. For starters my Amelie turns 6 years old in a few weeks (waaahhhh!!) then I turn *cough cough* just after her birthday. I’m hoping to step out of my comfort zone and undertake new challenges that I would normally avoid.

By the time this post is published the day will have been and gone, I really hope your first day back to normality was a good one.

Have a great week.

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  • Jo (SeasideBelle)

    My kids went back to school today and I was sad too. I love spending proper time with them and Christmas is great because, while there are lots of things on in the run up to the big day, the time between Christmas and New Year is one of the only periods of the year when you don’t feel like you have to go and DO anything. You can just kick back and relax and enjoy each other’s company (including all the squabbles!). #DevonBloggers

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