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House Hunting With Children

Looking for a new home is stressful enough but house hunting for the perfect family home that ticks all the boxes is on another level. I wish this was a post about helpful hints and tips for moving with children, maybe that will come in the future.

We knew we were going to have to move house when Charlie came along, it isn’t an easy decision to make as we love our home and the area we live in but the decision to move has been made even harder as we have two children who are of an age where they are certainly aware of what moving entails.

House hunting with two tired children in tow is difficult, they don’t want to be dragged around from house to house with being told they aren’t allowed to touch anything or jump on the sofa. I do think it is really important to take the children along with us and chat about what will happen when we move, they can see the area in which will be their new life and it reassures them that home will be a lovely safe place for them.

Recently we had a full day of viewings, I packed snacks, drinks, bribes – the works! Thankfully both children were exceptionally well behaved and really excited about moving, we saw a variety of properties and it was a long day. Like anyone moving we have a tick list of essentials that we need in a new house, my main concern is making sure the children are happy but I am assured by many that children adapt quickly especially being so young. I didn’t realise how much goes into moving a family, when you look at 3 bedroom houses the third bedroom is always a box room.

A compromise is always on the cards and I know that is true which makes moving tricky. Here is my ideal home tick list for our family of four:-

  • A minimum of 3 good sized bedrooms, ideally 4
  • Office space
  • Kitchen/diner/family room
  • Utility room (not necessarily an essential)
  • Garage
  • Parking
  • At least 2 bathrooms

The houses we have viewed have been lovely but there is something missing from each. When we view houses the children like to explore and always run to the bedrooms claiming one each, which is really sweet. It is nice to get a feel for an area so we have a snoop beforehand as you can’t really get a good idea of the road on Rightmove, we love to go on Street View.

At the end of the day the move has to be right for each individual, compromises have to be made and sometimes we need a reality check – do you get the big expensive house but sacrifice a nice life. Or do you buy a nice house you love but cannot see it as a forever home but still have a nice life, it is so hard to determine what is best for your family, I have daily battles with myself and talk myself out of moving house as I love our home. But if we don’t take a leap into the unknown we will never know what is out there for us.

Watch this space…


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  • Sophie

    I definitely agree with you that it’s important to take children along when you’re house hunting – it’s so important that they understand where they might be moving because it’s a big part of their lives. I hope you find your dream house soon! I recently moved to Devon and have been absolutely loving it – it’s so great to have access to lots of outdoor space and fresh air.

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