I Need Routine

Holidays are wonderful, you look forward to the build up buying new clothes, chatting about what you are going to do whilst abroad and just generally getting excited about your 10 days in the sunshine together.

Then you come home and you’re tired from travelling, the kids are beyond exhausted and have contracted some sort of bug from the air conditioning on the plane – oh joy! This is us now, we had a brilliant 10 days away in Majorca but had a terrible flight home due to the lightening storm and arrived back at 4.30am after leaving our hotel at 11pm – we had to vacate our hotel room at 12pm and hang around all day, it was a long and draining day.

I think if the children went back to school and Mr K returned to work after the weekend I may have felt differently but as it is half term in Devon I feel completely in limbo. It sort of feels like the week between Christmas and New Year – all the excitement has vanished, it is back to reality but you aren’t quite sure what reality is and you haven’t a clue what the day is.

Unfortunately it has been a stressful week the children have been super poorly, Mr K flew to Glasgow for work for a few days and I’ve had a headache for 4 days. Oh what a moaning Minnie I am!

I’m not sure if anyone else gets this but ever since I’ve returned from holiday I’ve not slept very well, I keep waking up a few times a night not knowing where I am and thinking I’m back in my hotel room in Majorca it is the oddest feeling. Charlie has been back on form waking up at 5.30am asking to go into the front room. The children had been so good at sleeping in on holiday we all got a lay in, however that lasted 2 days when we got back and now they are raring to go before I’ve opened my eyes.

I absolutely love routine and feeling “normal” if that makes sense. Right now I just feel sluggish, unmotivated, lazy, tired and like I can’t be bothered to go out or see anyone it is the strangest feeling. My eating habits are all over the place, I’m sticking to my meal plan but can’t stop the sweet treats that I have been used to. I think I’m going to write this week off,  just enjoy being lazy and start again next week as it is all back to normal next week and I cannot wait! I can’t wait for organisation to restore to our home, I’m looking forward to getting the house sorted, decluttering, redecorating and just having some sort of order.

I don’t know about you but whenever I return from a long holiday I feel like it is a fresh start, kind of like I’m making some new goals and wiping the slate clean. I’ve got a new list of personal goals and also some blogging goals I want to put into practice, I’m looking forward to the summer months ahead with the children, Amelie is nearing the end of reception which I’m just shocked by as her first year at school has flown by. Charlie is due to undertake more days at preschool in September which he will love but what will I do? All these things have been racing around my mind as well as making new plans for moving our family into the home we want, I like having the opportunity to change and I think I need a change.

I hope you have all had a good half term.


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