I’m THAT Mum…

A post I published for Meetothermums, I hope you like it.

I am that mum who…

  • Uses the TV as a babysitter when I need to get jobs done or just have 5 minutes to myself
  • Gives the children chocolate more than once a week, I use it as a negotiator, bribe and treat
  • Falls for every trick in the book when it comes to reasoning with the children, I give in way too much
  • Lets the children sleep in my bed whenever they want, I have co-slept with both kiddies and am not ashamed to admit that I love it
  • Eats all of the children’s sweet treats and tells them I had to throw it away because it has gone off
  • Googles every symptom when the children are ill and comes to the conclusion that something sinister is going on
  • Shouts and gets flustered far too easily – but they really do wind me up some days
  • Has been tired for the last 5 years
  • Sits in my son’s bed holding his hand until he falls asleep every. single. night – this could be anything from 5 mins to 2 hours
  • Has not left the children overnight with anyone, I’ve had one night away from Amelie when Charlie was born
  • Trusts no-one
  • Doesn’t bath the children every night
  • Cooks 3 different meals each night just to keep everyone happy
  • Cries in the shower when I feel like I’m failing as a mum
  • Lies that “Nanny McPhee” will come and look after the children if they continue to mess around – they hate this
  • Gives my child a packed lunch every day because I feel guilty that my daughter hates school dinners – she plays on this often
  • Hates going to playgroups, mother/child groups and would rather stay in my own bubble
  • Hates tea time, bath time, teeth brushing time, putting on pjs time and bed time – all of these suck
  • Pretends I have my shizzle together, puts on a brave face when all I want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep
  • Gets defensive whenever someone hurts my child or says something mean

I am that mum, but that is my way of parenting and it is okay not to have my shizzle together sometimes because raising children is hard and no-one has the right to judge any other parent. We should be building each other up not knocking other people’s parenting.


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