It Has Been Amazing!

I’m sat here with the gorgeous sun shining in the blue sky, you would think it was around 3pm it is not it is 7pm. I am so happy that we have entered into spring but I’m not happy that we have lost an hour and on Mother’s Day of all days. However, I have had the most amazing day. It has probably been the best Mother’s Day since becoming a mum.

I started the day at 7am (6am really) with my little Charlie Bear, I left Mr K and Amelie snoozing, when they woke I was greeted with beaming little faces from the children they were so excited to say “Happy Mother’s Day” and give me some beautiful presents. I was lucky enough to receive an amazing personalised necklace from Hector & George with the children’s initials stamped on the lovely silver discs. I have wanted a necklace like this for the longest time and I’m over the moon with it. I also had some flowers and enjoyed a day out in Seaton.

We spent some time in Seaton having a mooch around and then a coffee, they have a big Tesco there and I don’t know what it is but if I go anywhere out of Exmouth or Exeter I just love visiting the local supermarket to check out the clothes, how sad is that!

On the way home we stopped off at the Otter Inn for a glass of vino, the weather has been amazing in East Devon today so we thought we would make the most of it and have a little pit stop. I’ve not had any alcohol for a couple of weeks so it was nice to relax in the sunshine whilst the children played and got some much needed fresh air.

I have always been a person that absolutely hates having their photo taken and I’ve really tried to change my mind-set since  having Amelie and Charlie as I think it is so important to have photos of all of us. I worry that if I die they won’t remember me as I’m always the one taking the photo and am never actually in it (morbid thought, sorry). So slowly I’m trying my hardest to make an effort to be in photos with the children. I see such wonderful mothers on Instagram and Facebook posing so naturally with their children and I am envious that I don’t do that. When I try to pose I end up looking like Chandler Bing posing for his engagement photo with Monica.

I just find the whole posing for a photo thing really cringy and I think I look so ugly, ha ha! So today I put aside my insecurities and had some photos with the babes and they loved it. Granted I may have used an Instagram filter or two. I am definitely going to take more pictures and make an effort to print them off, not just keep them in an online photo album. I’ve literally got thousands of photos in various online albums and really need to put them into photo albums that we can all look at.


I feel so extremely blessed today, I’m not going to bash on about how lucky I am and how wonderful my children have been (they are little sh*ts most of the time, ha ha)  as I know Mother’s Day isn’t a happy day for all. But I’m on a high and I really appreciate all I have had today, my most favourite present of all is the card that Amelie made me at school and the writing she did in the card from her and Charlie. Her writing is fantastic and I am utterly amazed that my tiny 5 year old could write an entire message in a card so neatly with so much thought, that in itself is worth so much more than anything money can buy.

Right, enough with the soppy chat I’m off to finish my red wine and stuff my face with a curry as I’ve hardly eaten a thing all week.

I hope you have all had a wonderful day.


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