It Really Does Brighten My Mood – Chit Chat

For the last 20 billion days it has been raining in Devon and I’m not gonna lie, it has really depressed me and zapped all motivation, energy and good vibes. I had to dig out my winter attire after packing it all away when we returned from our holiday, get out the Chelsea boots and find some sort of coat. I’ve not surrendered to the ‘mum coat’ yet I have avoided that but I think I am going to have to get one as I cannot wear a thick parka coat with a big furry hood as I will boil over.

There’s nothing to do in the rain apart from busy soft plays, hectic coffee dates where you can’t really enjoy your drink as you have a minion to keep occupied and everyone is moany and miserable. When the weather is rubbish I just want to hibernate, drink tea, eat biscuits and sit on my lazy bum.  I did however make an effort to drag Charlie and me out as we were going stir crazy indoors, I took him to World of Country Life in the rain – we had a great time. The fresh air and being outdoors chatting, playing, looking at the animals and dodging the showers did us a world of good. But there was still that black cloud hanging over us, well, lots of black clouds actually.

I was extremely excited when my friend told me yesterday that we were in for a mini heatwave – yipppppppeeeee!

My morning (Tuesday) didn’t get off to the best of starts, I was awake a lot of the night, Charlie woke at 4.30am went back to sleep until 5.30am and was ready to start the day. Safe to say I was a grumpy cow who looked like Hagrid stomping around in my dressing gown trying not to bite everyone’s head off. But, as soon as I saw the bright yellow sun shining through the windows my mood was instantly lifted. I was able to pick out a Joules t-shirt, River Island jeans and some cute Dorothy Perkins flip flops, the sunnies went on as did a bit of lip gloss and I was ready to tackle the school run. When the sun shines everyone seems in a brighter mood, I’m more motivated to eat healthy, get outdoors and feel so much happier within myself.

I also look at my life differently and I don’t know if everyone feels the same, I thought to myself whilst walking home in the sun this morning why did I get so annoyed about having broken sleep, I shouldn’t get so wound up and moan about it – no one cares as we are all exhausted, that’s just life. I came home after dropping both kiddies off at school, hoovered the house with all doors and windows open, made myself a coffee and sat down with my laptop in the sun to blog. I feel really lucky to be able to do things like that, in a year or so I will be returning to work I should imagine although I’ve no idea what I will end up doing.

Unfortunately I think I will have to find a night job as we don’t have any chidcare during the day or holidays. My career pre children was office based I worked for the emergency services (Fire (Admin), Police (Personal Assistant), Ambulance (Admin)) which I really enjoyed, before that I was a Legal Secretary. Obviously I cannot return to this type of job as office hours are 9-5 so I will have to undertake a whole new role which again is really scary after being a stay-at-home mum for what will be over 6 years – eeeek! Ideally I would like (as most parents) a job within school hours and term time but these jobs are like gold dust.

Anyway, for now I’m just going to lap up this gorgeous weather, get a paddling pool and some outdoor games for the children, my freezer is already stocked up with ice lollies so I’m good to go.

I hope you all have a super week and if you do have sunshine where you are, get out and enjoy it as it is sort lived!


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