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Keeping Christmas Simple

Keeping Christmas simple this year. I don’t know what happens to you when you have children but you just want the best of the best for them and this includes the perfect Christmas. We’ve had lots of wonderful Christmases, the children have had a big pile of presents, we’ve gone through all of the Christmas experiences by visiting various garden centres, sail with Santa, Peppa Pig World at Christmas, The Polar Express and lots of other lovely visits.

However, come Christmas day with all of the gifts piled high and excitement through the roof, what really matters? Is it how many toys they have, how many decorations are throughout the house and outside, how big the tree is? No, none of these things actually matter to me. Christmas for us really is about family, spending time together, having a roof over our heads, food in our belly and being happy/healthy.

This year I’m scaling Christmas right back, I’ve seen so many upsetting posts from lovely mums who are feeling the pressure of Christmas through social media. I too feel this pressure and strive to provide the perfectly decorated home with the best lights and decor but this is so damaging to my mental health. I don’t want to be influenced into buying expensive decorations that I don’t really want but feel I have to buy just because someone on social media has it. Granted this year is a little different as we moved house and needed a new tree and decorations. But this has been years in the making, we’ve not bought any decorations for around 8 years for our tree, my mum gave me a whole box full and we made do, which is absolutely fine – it didn’t ruin Christmas!

When I was little we had one tree with multicoloured lights, bows, beads and glass baubles that we had for years. We didn’t decorate the front of our house nor the rest of the house, it was the tree and possibly a garland on the fireplace and some foil hanging decorations from the ceiling, but that was it. My sister and I thought it was magical, we didn’t feel like we were missing out and we had the best Christmas.

Presents. We’ve all been there, you set a budget, write a few lists and then go mental. Stuff the budget, buy all the plastic tat and end up with a huge mountain of gifts that your child will just dismiss. Every year both of my children have lots of presents, they get too overwhelmed and end up playing with only a couple of things. This has happened so many times and I’m fed up of it. Oddly this year they haven’t asked for anything I’ve literally had to prompt them into thinking about what gift they would like. I know that probably sounds like they are spoilt and to be fair they probably are but that has more to do with a very generous Nanny (my Mum) who gets them absolutely anything they want despite my protests that ‘they don’t need that’.

I have certainly not bought any plastic toys that will never get played with, I’ve thought about what they will use and I’ve stuck to the budget. Even with things like boxes of chocolates, all the party nibbles etc I’m not buying it this year as we pick out our favourites and the rest are left until way after the New Year. I’m stripping it all back, not wasting money, not buying into the Instagram hype and I guarantee we will still have an amazing Christmas.


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