Kiddies Travel Pack

We are off to Cornwall for the weekend on Friday to stay at a holiday park in Newquay. I’m hoping for some good weather as it is no fun to be stuck in the caravan with two hyper children.

Just lately every time we go on any trips in the car for more than 30 minutes the children get really restless and bored. So, I thought I would be prepared this time and pack them a travel bag of bits and bobs to keep them entertained.

Amelie’s pack:-

20161026_154229-12016-10-26_16-27-36So I took a trip to my favourite shop, Home Bargains to pick out a few crafty activities as both children love a pad and pencil. Amelie’s pack consists of a sticker book (from WH Smith), stamps, a secret diary that comes with a padlock, a new drinking cup and a Christmas book (from The Range). I also added a bag of dried cereal for her to snack on, these individual bags are 16p and such a good idea for popping into the lunch bag.

Charlie’s pack:-


Charlie is obsessed with Peppa Pig at the minute so I picked him up a brilliant set from Home Bargains, he is going to love playing with this. He chose a cute little Lion book from The Range and I also got him a new cup and some stamps otherwise there would be arguments. Of course all of these items will follow us into the caravan so they can continue to play with them well into the weekend.

Along with the travel packs I will be packing a huge lunch/snack bag and plenty of water bottles as you would think my children never get fed when they are travelling, they are always starving!



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