LeapFrog My Own LeapTop, Scout – My Thoughts

Just before Christmas I was visiting a good friend of mine, whilst at her house she gave Charlie a LeapFrog My Own LeapTop to play with. I had not seen this kind of children’s laptop before but Charlie absolutely loved playing with it. So it was only natural that it went on the Christmas list.

As soon as Charlie opened this on Christmas day he was hooked and it is just the right size/weight for him to carry around. It has a little handle which is big enough for small hands to grip and is not heavy in any way so is ideal for trips in the car, trips to the supermarket as children can play with it whilst you are shopping and for quiet time at home. It is also ideal to put in the changing bag as it is slim enough not to take up much room and gives peace of mind knowing you have something to entertain the children when you need it.

The leaptop comes in two versions, a Scout and Violet option. We chose Scout and couldn’t be happier, the leaptop is full with abc, games, educational options, music and messages. I particularly like that you can personalise the leaptop with your child’s name and receive messages or emails as such with Scout saying their name. The leaptop features an A – Z keyboard and large screen, the pictures are easily seen and Charlie loves tapping a key and watching what animal appears on the screen.

Both Charlie and Amelie love to pretend they are working just like mummy and daddy and often role play together using this leaptop. It is not just for young children as Amelie loves it too and as she has just learnt to read at school she finds the ABC function extremely useful and is really good at guessing the answers. She helps Charlie with words, animals and sounds which is of great benefit, I prefer the children to play with educational toys as much as possible and LeapFrog have a fantastic range of products. I’m keen to purchase a LeapReader as I think it will be invaluable for both Amelie and Charlie whilst they are learning and they love learning when it is fun.

Charlie likes to put the music option on and dance away, some of the tunes are catchy and I hear myself humming them during the day. The personalised greeting message is a great function to have and Charlie gets super excited when he hears his name being said by Scout.

We do have fights over who gets to play with the leaptop first but it is really nice when they share and Amelie becomes teacher as Charlie really listens to her and they have a great time role playing. I love that the leaptop teaches children the alphabet, media literacy and also the names of animals, it is a great all-rounder.

The leaptop makes a fantastic birthday or Christmas present if you are stuck for ideas, it will certainly go down well and the price is really reasonable.


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