Life Lately – Chit Chat

I feel like I haven’t published a post of general ramblings in so long, this is the time I wish I was a youtuber just having a chat with the camera. But, I’m not that confident and cringe whenever I hear my voice on video – yuk!

How are you all? I hope everyone is well and have escaped any germs going around. My children have brought home every single virus, bug and infection going in the last 5 weeks, we’ve had numerous trips to Devon Doctors and A&E, antibiotics and around 5 bottles of calpol consumed. Amelie has had time off school due to this and obviously school got a wee bit funny, do they seriously think I want to keep my child home just for the fun of it? Thankfully we visited the doctors on all occasions and as instructed by the doctor kept her off school, you can’t win, you send them when they are poorly – they spread germs. You keep them off as to not spread germs – the school don’t like it.

Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? I’ve made a little dent in the list but I’m waiting until the end of November. I absolutely love Christmas but feel if I do all of my shopping too soon and get all the decorations out before December it kind of looses the magic. I like to sit down with all my goodies, get the wrapping paper and gift tags organised, put on Home Alone and wrap presents in the light of the Christmas tree whilst sinking a good old glass of Baileys – perfect! With both kiddies at school/preschool we have lots of festive activities booked in such as happy hour, breakfast with Santa, Christmas parties and a Christmas Fayre. I’m a bit sad that Amelie is not going to be having a nativity this year (she’s in Year 1), I think it is really unfair that they miss out on this. As I am a stay-at-home mum I don’t get to go on a works Christmas do, so a couple of us mums from school have arranged a meal out and some drinks to celebrate, I’m really looking forward to it. I have booked myself in for my annual pamper – volume eyelash extensions, a full set of gel nails and a full head of highlights/highlift tint – for over Christmas, I’m so excited about it.  It is so nice to have a treat, I wouldn’t get my lashes and nails done every month as they would annoy me but I do like to spruce up for the festive season and also my birthday in January.

How cold is it just lately? I’ve been freezing from the inside and am thankful we have our heating on now. My skin is not loving this change in weather though, I seem to have developed dry skin on my eyelids and beneath my eye it looks terrible and is super sore. I’ve also got dry cracked ears at the top where my ear meets my head (gross). I have no idea what cream to put on this as everything is so sore, the skin around my eyes is making me look really old, ha ha! Has anyone had this before?

Right, I think that is enough boring waffle for now, I hope you all have a great week, I’m off to sort the washing out – fun times!




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