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Life Lately: Coronavirus, Home Schooling & Emotions

Long time, no speak! I’ve wanted to publish a blog post for ages, unfortunately due to the current state of affairs – Coronavirus –  life has been completely flipped upside down. How are we all coping, I hope everyone is well?

We are currently on our second week of the Easter holidays, the kiddies have been amazing at dealing with no school. It is all very confusing for them, we are all a bit emotional some days. I cannot imagine what is going on in their minds, one minute you’re at school playing with your best buddies, the next minute everything is snatched away from you. Not knowing what is going on, why we have to stay away from our loved ones and why we aren’t allowed to see our friends. But they have coped so well and of course are aware of the importance of staying at home, staying safe.

So, what is lockdown like in our household? Well, pretty much the same as yours I expect. During home learning we had a good routine, getting up, dressed, starting our day exercising with Joe Wicks by 9am. We would then have a good 45 minutes quiet/chill out time before starting our lessons. The children’s school have been brilliant in sending over work etc. I have probably exhausted nearly all the Twinkl worksheets but honestly they have saved the day, I would really recommend them to keep the littles busy.

It has been quite nice seeing how the children learn, what their strengths/weaknesses are and helping them with their projects. I’m crap at maths so Mr Google has come to my rescue a few times, but being at home with them has made me really appreciate them. I have loved setting up science experiments, sensory activities, role play areas and going crazy with the crafts. It reminds me of the early days having them both at home.

I’m not going to lie, the days have been very intense and have ended with a glass (bottle *cough cough*) of vino some nights.  Both children are vying for my attention, they are both at different keystage levels, they are extremely demanding and so loud. They bicker, wrestle, fight and scream at each other for most of the day so I have to play referee – I could do with a whistle to be honest! We are living in very scary times, anxiety is through the roof but we have each other. There are really good days where I can cope with these feelings and am bossing it and then there are other days when it all goes tits up and I feel as though my head is going to explode.

One thing that we have been doing is exploring what’s on our doorstep during our 1 hour of exercise. We are so fortunate to have fields, public footpaths, farms and other lovely walks right at the end of the road. But, if we were not quarantined we would never have known about these wonderful places. It has brought us closer together as a family but I do worry that my anxiety will take over once we have to send the children back to school, I won’t want them to go.

It was a little strange for Charlie last week, he turned 6 on Good Friday. We were supposed to be going to Longleat and having family over for a little party, instead it was a pool party in the garden with his favourite snacks. He had a great day and of course was spoilt rotten.

We are still in lockdown for another 3 weeks (so I’ve read), I have today implemented an hour of school work as for the first time since the schools closing my two are bored and getting ratty with each other and me. They are sat here in front of me beavering away at maths books, reading comprehension and phonics – and loving every second.

The weather has been absolutely glorious making staying at home a little easier. However, the days have rolled into one, I’ve lived in my gym clothes for the entire time, I’ve washed my hair about 3 times and haven’t bothered to style it at all, I have a crusty mum bun, no eyelash extensions and my nails are bare. I am really missing my freedom, going out to eat with the family, driving down to Devon to see my Mum, going to the shops without fear of someone coming near me, getting pampered, visiting the beach and just being free. Never again will I take for granted the wonderful things that we call mundane life, we really do not know how lucky we are.


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