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Hi guys, how is everyone? Are you all ready for the big return to school next week? I’m nearly there with the uniforms etc, I just need to get the children’s school shoes. I tried to get them last week in Exeter, however I was met with a ticket from what looked like a deli counter ticket machine and told to wait in a room full to the brim of stressed out parents. I took one look and bolted, only to be told by the ever so helpful sales assistant that I could in fact ‘book an appointment’ – errrrmmmm, no thanks!

Mr K has been on annual leave for most of the week, we’ve had a couple of days out with the kiddies which was lovely. This week has also been really stressful with the house move but we did have good news in the end, buying and selling a house with two young children to consider is painful, emotional and just when you think things are going your way you are dealt with a massive blow that knocks you sideways. I’ll be glad when it is all over, however there is another big mountain to climb soon which should be fun – not.

I have loved the children being home and the lazy starts we’ve been enjoying but they are both so ready to return to normality – we all are. They are bored of each other and just adore winding one another up, I’m fed up of hearing my shouty mum voice and saying the same things over and over again for it not to even go in one ear. I thrive on routine and cannot wait to restore some order, I’m sad my little side-kick is starting school though. I have one more week with him all to myself which I’m thoroughly looking forward to. How do you feel about your kiddies going back to school?

Blogging and social media have taken a back seat this week, I just haven’t had time to think or do any writing. I’m finding social media a bit overwhelming again, this happens every so often. I feel comparison creeping in and I’ve sort of stayed away from it and the negative way in which it makes me feel.

When I have weeks like this where I’ve no time to sit down or go to the gym I get really irritable. I love working out and it helps me stay positive. I went to a new class last night – circuits. It was really good and I am aching today but I definitely haven’t worked out enough this week so am looking forward to getting back into my fitness routine. I’ve been terrible with food as well, what is it about time off that makes you scoff? We’ve eaten out far too many times, not complete stodge or anything just far too much pub food and I feel rotten for it. I’ve slowly resumed my normal eating habits munching on lots of fresh foods.

So Friday night is here, I’m sat in the dark wrapped up in a cosy throw going through my ‘Moving House, To-Do List’. There’s so much to think about, I have 5 lists so far! How rock n roll is my night, I hope you’ve all had a great day.

Have a super weekend.


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