Losing my children

I am the mother who worries about every single aspect of motherhood. I worry when my children are ill, have a rash, fall over and bump their heads, go to bed (I check on them every half an hour to check they are breathing), go to school – are they being taken care of, what if something happens to them and I am not there!?  I get so anxious when it comes to the welfare of my kiddies, it is ridiculous! But, the main thing I worry about is losing one of them.

We went to Butlins for Charlie’s 2nd birthday this year, it was the Just Tots week so was full of families with small children. The amount of toddlers who had been separated from their family was insane. I got a sick feeling in my stomach every time I saw a little person being carried by a member of staff trying to locate their mummy. It is my worst fear, for that split second you take your eye off your child, they run out of sight.

I had been searching for a while for a robust and secure ID bracelet for both of my children. Charlie is at that age now where he wants to be going off and doing what his big sister is doing. I am one of those annoying parents who hovers like a hawk watching their every move (especially on holiday). So when I found Child and Adult Safety Wristbands on Facebook I was excited.


The lady who runs the business is also based in Devon, which is great as I love to support local/small businesses. The Velcro ID wristband is fantastic and so secure. It comes with an ID insert where you are able to write your child’s name and a contact number on. The insert is also waterproof which is another bonus. The wristbands are great if your child has an allergy  or medical condition as this can be written inside for information.


As soon as I saw this page I messaged the owner, Estelle Liepa, and ordered two. They arrived within a couple of days and both of my children love them.

We are off to Cornwall in a couple of weeks to stay at a holiday park, Amelie and Charlie will wearing the wristbands whilst we are there.

If you are interested in purchasing a wristband or would like more information, please check out Estelle’s page on Facebook – Child and Adult Safety Wristbands.

I haven’t been sponsored/paid to write this post, I just feel it is so important to me that if one of them did wonder off, some kind soul would bring them back to me.



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