May Bank Holiday Weekend Adventures

Hello, how are we all? I really hope you had a fantastic bank holiday weekend, wasn’t the weather absolutely amazing! I cannot believe how lucky we were to have 3 full days of scorching hot sunshine, what a difference it makes to the weekend and to everyone’s mood.

We made the most of our time together, here is a quick round-up of our adventures…


We had a slow start to Saturday with no set plans. We did end up viewing a house which was gorgeous but I’m not sure it was quite what we are looking for. The afternoon really hotted up so we went out for a very late lunch and a couple of drinks with Mr K’s sister. The children love being outside and were happy to be playing, they met a cat who they named “fluffy”. Fluffy was cute and friendly, a bit too friendly in fact as he ended up getting a bit too excited and scratching Amelie’s arm. She was distraught bless her, Charlie took it upon himself to tell the cat off for scratching his sister, ha ha.


Sunday was probably the best day we had, wanting to make the most of the day we walked into Exmouth town via the park. We decided to leave the car at home so we had no time restrictions plus Exmouth seafront was rammed with people. Our walk took us around the Marina and to The Grove for a drink, we do love the beach on a hot sunny day. We walked up to Ocean as the terrace was open and it wasn’t too busy meaning we could sit with our drinks and the children could run around watching the big wheel. There was a festival at the Pavilion which looked so much fun so we had a mooch on over, the kiddies were pretty tired by this point but wanted an ice cream. If you have ever been to Exmouth beach before you will know how busy the ice cream huts get, well the queue was half way down the seafront so we skipped this and went to a pub in town for ice creams.


After all our adventuring here there and everywhere we needed a day at home. We took to Aldi to do the food shop and pick up some essential ice creams and had a day in the garden sunbathing, playing with water and soaking up our gorgeous kiddies. I look back on photos taken a year ago and am amazed at how much they’ve grown and matured, the time really slips away from you when they start school and I cannot believe there are only just over 2 months left of the school year.


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