Meet the monkeys….

As this is a parenting blog about my family and life, I best introduce the minis who create havoc in our house.

I have two children, Amelie who is 4 going on 15 and Charlie who is 2 and a half (very important to mention the half).

Amelie is a very girly girl who loves nothing more than dressing up in a pretty dress and fancy shoes. She has an array of Disney princess dresses, wigs, crowns and shoes, obviously the Elsa dress is her favourite! Amelie has always been an extremely independent and confident little girl. She has just started at “big” school and loves it.

Charlie is a typical boy, he is destructive, boisterous and demanding but so loving and cheeky to go with it. You will find Charlie out in the garden digging up mud and picking up spiders. Whoever said raising boys was easier than girls was completely lying! Charlie loves playing with his big sister’s toys as well as trashing them.

I feel so lucky to be a stay at home mummy. I’m sure when they are all grown up I will look back at these early years with them and forget all the struggles and bad days we had and just remember that I was there for everything, just like my mum was for me and that makes me so happy.



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