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When you become a mother for the first time you enter a club without really knowing it, your childfree friends don’t really understand why you are so tired, “your baby sleeps all the time, you must be so bored” is one comment I had from a friend. No one can prepare you for motherhood no matter how much advice you are given.

In a way you kind of unintentionally lose yourself for a while as you enter into your new world of night feeds, exhaustion, sore boobs, leaky boobs, rock hard boobs, greasy hair, not eating a proper meal, trying to keep your shizzle together but some days failing miserably. You kind of feel a bit lonely and want to chat to new mums to find out how their experience is going but you are too scared to leave the house with this new bundle of joy to interact with other mums who maybe more experienced than you or have already found their clique.

Baby and parent groups are daunting at any stage in motherhood, I still get the dreads the second time round. I’m not very good at making new friends at the best of times but put me in that awful situation of sitting next to someone who you feel you have to talk to about their child and I clam up or waffle on about utter rubbish. I just want to run out of the door to the comfort of my own safe place – home.

When I saw a tweet on Twitter about #MumFriendMarch I was very interested in finding out what it entailed, I was greeted with a fantastic page called MeetOtherMums.

MeetOtherMums is a national friendship matching site for mums of all ages and walks of life. Joining is completely free and what is amazing is your profile is automatically matched with other mums in your area. I found this to be really useful, I want to make new friends but am scared at the same time. However, meeting new mummy friends online has really boosted my confidence, to be honest I’ve made some lovely mummy blogger friends online since starting my blog in October last year and it has really given me the confidence to chat to other mums at playgroups or in the playground when dropping Amelie to school. is a support network also, you can read people’s blogs, you can chat and interact with mums online at any time of the day. I wish this website was around when I was a first time mum, some of the advice online is very appropriate for what I’m going through with my children and it is nice to know that there is someone else out there going through the same situations as me.


It is super easy to sign up, you can then review other mum’s profiles and decide whether they look like your sort of mummy friend. It is really nice to have the option of stepping a bit out of your comfort zone by meeting new mums, I imagine there are lots of mums who feel anxious like I do about motherhood but don’t really have the support network around them. Sometimes I want to vent about life but not to people too close to home so this is a perfect opportunity to get my feelings off my chest.

You can find MeetOtherMums at all social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I am very lucky to have been asked to join the MeetOtherMums Blog Squad in which I upload a blog post every month for you lovely people!


I will be handing out leaflets the next time I’m at a playgroup as I want other mums to join the #MumTribe – just as soon as my 2 year old is out of his antisocial funk, ha ha!


Disclaimer: I was kindly sent a top and leaflets by MeetOtherMums but was in no way asked to write a blog post to promote. I just wanted to share this information with you guys as I feel it is a fantastic tool for mums to have.  

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