Father’s Day From Dad’s Perspective

It’s 4:40am, I am a little hungover, went to bed less than four hours ago and I’m not ready for the day to start yet. But I really need a wee.

Do I go, knowing any slight movement will wake the household, meaning the day might start even more premature than normal? Or do I attempt to go back to sleep, even if successful will be a terrible light sleep dreaming of flowing rivers, streams and anything else that involves flowing water.

I decide to go for it, I tiptoe across the landing (Sleeping in Charlie’s room as he came in to Mummy before I went to bed), I lift the toilet seat with stealth like precision, then making sure I dont aim the flow directly into the toilet water to avoid any unneccecary noise. The mission is successful, I get back into bed and manage to get back to sleep.

Not only do I get back to sleep, I get a lie in today, because its father’s day….

Actually, to be fair, I get a lie in most days. Natalie (the better half) is more of an early riser, kids prefer her in the morning and frankly, I go bed far to late and I am a bit lazy. I offer when I can to get up with the kids, but once Nat is awake, she is awake and I am always secretly (not so much anymore) pleased when she declines the offer of me getting up with the kids. I can then proceed to lie on my back and go back to a deep snoring coma.

The kids rush in just before 8, full of excitment and bearing gifts and cards. I try and act like I am fully awake but still in a bit of a daze, not believing I can even be a parent, let alone have a 5 and 7 year old. So nice to see these smiling faces telling me what a lovely dad I am, eagerly waiting for me to open my cards and gifts. My cards are amazing, Amelies’s with neat writing and perfect spelling, Charlies with suprisingly also very neat writing but his own interpretation of spelling. “HAYPEE THARTHOORS DAY” it reads, kind of makes sense and also so cute he has wrote these words himself.

My presents are also really great, stuff I really really like, such as Jack Daniels, Beef Jerky and a very practical quality flask bottle that I know will be in my life for years to come. Mummy is in the background letting the kids lead, but I know all the thoughtfulness has come direct form her, as after all these years together she know me just so well.

Weather is terible, but allows us to have a slow start I need, to enjoy our new house, kids get to do some drawing, watch some cartoons. I get an amazing and healthy father’s day breakfast to set me up for the day.

As part of the normal routine of the day, I do the washing up gazing out of the window, but today after the kids and Natlaie telling me what a great dad and provider I am, I am thinking of my dad who died when i was 21. Just wishing, maybe, I said the same to him. I am sure he must of known I felt it, but I never said it. Probably not something a teenager or someone in their early 20’s would think to say to a parent. Hopefully I would be mature enough to say it to him now, if he was still around, you just do not expect to lose someone so early and suddenly.

Before we know it’s mid afternoon, we head out to a nice country pub we know well, just to have a drink. Due to being father’s day the place is rammed, no tables available, we should of known and kind of did but thought we would give it a go anyway. We decide to head into town and visit the supermarket then a well known pub chain. We actually sit there for hours, just a couple drinks, the kids have some food while I constantly tell them to be quiet, stop rocking the table, dont touch this, dont throw that. But despite that, we are spending time together, building memories and I wouldnt have it any other way.

The day is nearly up, so just thought I would get these words down to share what a lovely day I have had. The kids are just going to bed, me and Natlalie still have the evening together….

Mr Kxx

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