Mum Life – Finding The Balance

House work, school runs, swimming lessons, food shopping, house hunting, trying to balance life itself is all a bit much. How do you find a healthy family/life balance?

For the last month or so I have felt really out of sorts with juggling life, we are currently selling our house and trying to find the perfect family home so things have been a bit stressful. But, I feel in a rut with many mundane things such as meal planning, keeping on top of house work and trying to divide myself between all of the family and it is proving tricky.

As you know I do my food shop at Aldi on a Monday but I’m so fed up of buying the same sort of meals and foods each week. My meal plan has been the same for ages and I am a bit bored of eating the same thing for dinner, but don’t want to change it up too much as we like a low carb high protein dinner. I look for inspiration on Instagram and Pintrest but nothing takes my fancy, I have decided to change up my grocery shop and try out Asda again for a mix up.

With regards to the housework I find myself cleaning most days and not spending quality time with Charlie as I’m so busy chasing my tail. As we live in a bungalow everything is on show there is nowhere to escape and hide the clutter. Over half term I gave up completely with hoovering and dusting so just picked up the toys, cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen. I hate living in a dusty house it gives me anxiety but I can’t spend my life cleaning, plus I’m not one to clean of an evening I like to get it done during the day.

How do you balance your family life with household chores and shopping?

I love blogging it really does make me happy and we have had some wonderful opportunities come our way just lately which I’m so grateful for. However, I have found less and less time to sit down and publish good quality posts. Most evenings I’m so tired after the children are in bed that I am either lounging on the sofa watching trash or on my phone searching for houses or at a kettlebell class. When Charlie is at school I blog, clean or go to the gym, I do feel guilty when I spend time doing something for myself that doesn’t benefit the family but I am starting to realise I need some time for myself to do what I want. Being a stay at home mum is suffocating some days I feel like a servant in my own home, someone is always wanting a piece of me to do things for them and I’m utterly exhausted from it.

I need to find the balance I’m looking for but that’s the tricky part.


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