My 5 Top Christmas Films – Blogmas Day 3


I have wanted to write this post for ages and am so excited to share my top Christmas movies. All of them apart from 1 are childhood favourites and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside as I write this as Christmas has always been the best time of year for me.

Santa Clause The Movie


This is my all time favourite movie ever ever ever! For me this is Christmas and this is the real Father Christmas in my eyes. This movie was always watched on Christmas Eve, my mum would pull the sofa from against the wall into the middle of the room right near the fire (those awful 80s fake fires with the glow), turn the lights off and snuggle my sister and me up in front of the Christmas tree. The story is easy to follow and leaves you feeling all warm inside.

Home Alone 2 – Lost In New York


This movie is hilarious, my sister and I used to crack up every time we watched this. In fact, we still text each other quotes from the film. We particularly love the scene where Kevin is at his Aunt’s house when Marv and Harry come along, Kevin starts throwing bricks at them (I’m literally laughing as I type this). Another funny part is when Marv is in the basement he gets covered in paint, goes to wash his hands and gets electrocuted – so funny! I love the whole idea of spending Christmas in New York with the snow and huge Christmas tree. I will definitely be watching this near Christmas.

Home Alone


I think this was one of the first Christmas movies I saw as a kid and I still love it today. Christmas isn’t Christmas without Home Alone. I especially love the tarantula scene when Marv screams like a girl. In both the Home Alone movies I really like the carols and the theme music it makes me feel so festive. I’m hoping Amelie will like this movie as it will be on repeat throughout December.

Little Women


Ah Little Women, not your typical family Christmas movie but such a good one. I really think in a previous life I lived in these times and I love everything about this film. I never realised until a few years ago it had so many famous people in it. It is a sad one though so grab some tissues as I have a lump in my throat every time I watch it.

The Snowman


This is such a classic movie I love it. Both Amelie and Charlie will be watching it on Christmas Eve. They watched it last year but I don’t think Charlie will remember it. I’m not too keen on The Snow Dog though.  I loved this movie so much I even had the soap of the Snowman, ha ha! When I was little we used to watch this after Santa Claus the Movie on Christmas Eve whilst stuffing our faces with chocolates. This reminds me of a proper Christmas with rubbish foil hanging decorations, glass baubles, tinsel and multi-coloured lights. I say rubbish but those were the best Christmases of my life, just the excitement my sister and I used to feel. We used to squeal with excitement, I really hope Amelie and Charlie have the same feels as we did.

There you have it, there are loads of other favourites such as The Polar Express, The Grinch and Christmas with the Kranks but these were mine growing up. We will certainly be watching all of these and many more this year.


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