My Fussy Eater

As a parent you go through phases with your children, the sleep regression, wonder weeks, growth spurts, throwing tantrums and what I think is possibly the most challenging – fussy eating.

Amelie was a good eater until the age of 12 months, suddenly overnight she turned into a fuss pot. I found this extremely hard to deal with as I would spend ages in the kitchen prepping and cooking meals from scratch only for her to throw it on the floor or up the wall. I got cross and had numerous breakdowns. She came through this though but it wasn’t until she started Reception that she would try new foods, and I put this down to her having school dinners.

Charlie went the same way, although I would say he was a hungrier baby. He was a greedy boy from the start, cluster feeding and screaming for milk. He too was a great eater once weaning began but, like Amelie, at around 14 months it was like a switched had been turned off and he became very fussy. Although both children are hit and miss with foods I am quite lucky in that they like healthy foods such as salad, houmous, brown bread, carrots, eggs, porridge etc.

Charlie is very influenced by Amelie with his choices of foods. If Amelie sees something she dislikes she will make it known which is not helpful as Charlie will be put off of the food too, even though he hasn’t tasted it. Charlie is good at eating breakfast, he will have things such as:-

  • Porridge with honey
  • Granola with natural yoghurt
  • Marmite on toast
  • Weetabix/Fruit & Fibre/Branflakes

He loves fruit and is very much a grazer, the main meal I struggle with is dinner time. He just cannot sit still and eat his food, he will try every excuse known to man to leave the table I’m forever nagging him to “please go and sit down, eat your dinner”, it is very draining. He hates cooked food and requests a snacky dinner quite a lot although he will have plain pasta and the odd fish finger. But I’m slowly learning to pick my battles with the children, if he wants a snacky dinner 3 times a week then so be it. I know he isn’t starving or malnourished as he is quite beefy. I do find if I let him prep his food and help out with the cooking he is encouraged to eat it all up, most nights he has two or three bites of the meal I’ve given him and he won’t eat any more.

I thought I would share some of Charlie’s dinners that he has eaten over the last week or so. Just as an insight into what my fussy eater survives on. I would love any tips on how to deal with fussy eating as nothing has worked so far I’m just hoping he will grow out of it once he starts school in September.

As you can see it doesn’t vary a great deal and there are odd occasions where he will surprise me and eat something out of the ordinary. He does love a dippy egg but it has to be a blue egg!


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  • Natalie

    Wow that must have been hard to deal with, luckily non of mine have gagged. I’m not sure how I would handle that, I love the Annabel Karmel books and still have lots of them. Maybe I’ll go through it with the children and ask them if they would like to make something from there.

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