My Second C-Section and Recovery

My Second C-Section

As this was an elective section I had to go into hospital the day before for pre-ops. This included weighing me, checking me and the baby over, a pre-op drink that I had to drink the morning of my section and a time was given for the operation.

It was an odd feeling dropping Amelie off with my mum early in the morning, driving to the hospital and putting on a sexy hospital gown – oh and the stockings! Those stockings had to stay on for 2 days. Once I was in hospital it was a waiting game, there was an emergency before me so I walked down to theatre after that. Again, I was given a spinal block just the same as before and laid down, this time I was shaking quite badly, maybe because I knew what was coming.

As I had a section before the surgeon had to reopen my old scar and cut through the scar tissue. This section was a little different as once they reached Charlie his shoulders were stuck so they had to make my cuts further apart and had to use forceps to deliver him. Once he was out and perfect I was to be stitched up again, not as straight forward as last time, some how my bladder had been cut during the procedure so this had to be addressed and then my old scar tissue was cut out and I was stitched up.

During the night I had my catheter removed, I remember having to carry Charlie into the loo with me, the pain was horrendous walking to the toilet. I sat there waiting to go for a wee but nothing was coming out, I was bursting but could not go. In the end I had to have a scan on my bladder and if it was full more than 500ml I had to have my catheter refitted – which I did.

The pain was so bad with this section that I was given liquid morphine and ibuprofen which took the edge off but didn’t really take the pain away. By the second day my catheter was still in and I was kind of left to my own devices, I had to keep asking when I was going home and when my catheter could come out. I felt very alone but didn’t want to bother the nurses as I knew they were busy. They said I could go home that day/afternoon but I was left for about 6 hours without anyone checking on me or letting me know when I could leave. By 10.30pm I was in a state, I was tired, in pain and frustrated. I was eventually discharged at 11pm with a box of ibuprofen and sent on my way.

Recovering from this section was no fun, I had the familiar night sweats and jelly body. Also the huge dressing I had on my scar was coming off and when I eventually took it off it was a killer, there was a massive black sticky patch left from my knickers that wouldn’t wash off – nice! If you are having a section make sure you wear big white granny pants. I kept getting my stitches caught on my clothes it was really painful. Plus looking after a newborn and a toddler was tough, I felt very low and like I was a bad mum not being able to give Amelie all of me.

Now, if you are grossed out easily stop reading. As I was given liquid morphine in high dosage I came out in hives all over my body, big angry red hives that itched and irritated me something rotten. It turned out I was actually allergic to morphine, so that was fun. But the worst thing to come out of this section was not being able to go to the loo, like number 2s. I was so constipated and in so much pain for about a week maybe longer that I had to ring the midwife as I had blood coming out because I couldn’t go. I had to ring 111 and ask for assistance, which came in the form of a Glycerol suppository – oh the shame. Lets just say when I finally was able to go my mood changed and I was comfortable once more. Things like this are not mentioned and not talked about, I was scared and really embarrassed but this is real life.

My Scar

My scar has healed really nicely you can hardly see it, but I do have the little indents at the side of my scar and mini pouch. During the first 18 months of healing I would get a buzzing or tingling sensation in my scar and also phantom baby kicks, or that’s what it felt like. I still get pain if I cough really hard and my scar is tender and swells when it is really cold, also it is still numb in places which feels weird. I’ve not really been that self conscious of it until I went abroad this year, I stupidly bought a cheap bikini from Primark which the briefs were quite low and I felt my scar was on show and I didn’t like that. You probably couldn’t even see it but I felt uncomfortable wearing them so changed into a fab bikini from Sainsbury’s which the briefs were more mid rise, they do some great swimwear.



  • stephanie darkes

    I had two sections too! Couldn’t actually read all this post though, it has a few triggers for me, my first experience was horrendous! How did you manage to look that good? I looked like death warmed up x

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