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Party Sweet Cones – How-To

I’ve been to a fair few parties over the years and always imagined planning my own child’s party, I’m particular with the details and like things to be perfect – I’m a control freak.

Party bags were always a thing you looked forward to at the end of the party – a plastic bag filled with sweets, naff toys and cake that had been squashed in between a napkin. All sounds rather tacky but kids love a party bag! However, times have moved on and now the trend seems to be party sweet cones, I had never heard of these before but I am seeing more and more people use them at parties and events. I thought about getting a company to make up some cones for Amelie’s party but all the sweets looked a bit gone off and really crappy ones that no-one really likes, they just wanted to fill a cone.

I took to Pintrest and Youtube, chose my colour scheme and away I went. Here’s how I got on…

  • I decided to search Ebay for the cellophane cones as they had the best deals, I picked out the large cellophane cone which was a perfect size for filling with sweets and a little treat. This particular set came with the little ties and included 50 bags.
  • I wanted to make the cones personal so I added a personalised sticker to go on the front of the cone, again these were from Ebay and came in sheets of 30. I chose the unicorn design, I would suggest putting the sticker on the cone before filling it as it can be tricky once full. I was tempted to get some thank you tags but thought the stickers were the easier option and they wouldn’t fall off or get ripped.
  • The colour scheme I was going for was pink/rainbow for the girls and blue/white for the boys. I picked up rainbow drops, marshmallows, mini eggs and gold/silver chocolate coins for the girls. For the boys I picked blue millions, marshmallows, smarties and Paw Patrol chocolates. I topped the bags with lip whistles and all of these came from Home Bargains.
  • I found that laying the contents out into separate dishes made the process easier. I started with the rainbow drops, I added 4 tablespoons and then stood the cone up in a pint glass, I found this secured the cone making it easier for me to add the rest of the sweets.
  • After the rainbow drops I added the rest of the sweets in layers and then placed the lip whistle on the top of the coins. I pinched the top of the cone and secured it with the little tie. I had to make 20 pink cones and 6 blue cones, I really just winged it with the amounts I put in the cones. I didn’t measure anything out particularly, if I were to make these again I would probably make sure I used the same amount for each as I was left with a couple of bags of mini eggs and marshmallows.
  • For the boy’s cone, I put 4 tablespoons of millions into the cone and again, put the cone into the pint glass to hold it up then layered it up. I made sure I measured out the correct amount of chocolates for the top of the cone as I bought 4 bags. Each cone had 6 Paw Patrol chocolates in.


  • When picking the sweets to go inside I would say pick wisely, go for things that people will actually eat and don’t go overboard with too many choices. I was going to put pink millions into the girl’s cones but I couldn’t find a bag big enough for 20 cones and at nearly £1 a bag of millions it would have worked out super expensive. I thought the rainbow drops looked pretty and were appropriate for the theme of the party.

I realise this isn’t rocket science and is probably the easiest thing to do but I just wanted to share how I went about putting them together and where I sourced the items.

Everyone seemed to enjoy them and I got lots of lovely compliments.


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