Quality Time – Budleigh Beach, Devon

It has been scorching in Exmouth and whilst it was far too hot to be outside yesterday, today was a little cooler. I planned to take Charlie out for the morning to Budleigh beach as we had not been there since the winter. I really wanted to spend some quality time with him away from my phone, away from the TV and away from mundane chores.

Even though Charlie is home with me most of the time we don’t spend that much quality time together as I’m always busy with school runs, reading afternoons, food shopping, housework or toddler groups and Charlie just kind of tags along. Your second child slips into your old lifestyle and goes along with it, I used to take Amelie out all the time for beach walks, trips to Bicton Park, Music with Mummy, play dates with friends or just out for a walk to the park, and I forget that we did so much together I feel a bit guilty that Charlie doesn’t really get that much of my time.

So today I dropped Amelie off at school came home and packed up the car. There is a free car park in Budleigh so I parked there I was worried all the spaces would have been taken but as we were there for 9.30am we managed to find one. We had a lovely stroll through the high street chatting away, Charlie kept asking where “Bubbly Beach” was – how cute! As soon as he saw the familiar pebbles he was raring to climb out of the buggy.

We found a lovely spot right on the pebbles and had a rest, making piles of stones, hunting for treasure and chatting about the shapes and sizes of the pebbles. Having that interaction with him was the best, he loved that he had my full attention and that I was interested in what stories he had to tell – he’s such a clever little sausage.

The sun was hotting up by 11am so we took a walk to the park which is just behind the beach, Charlie had great fun climbing the slide and getting dizzy on the springy horse. I kept looking at him and felt so lucky and blessed to be able to do things like that with him, the memories of days like today will stay with me.

If you haven’t visited Budleigh Salterton before I would recommend a day trip there, the beach is lovely and there are a couple of really sweet coffee shops along the beach walk that serve scrumptious food and ice creams. You can even hire a cute beach hut for the day if you fancy relaxing by the sea.

When we came home we set up a painting station in the garden, I got us some iced drinks to cool off and we painted our pebbles with water, letting them dry in the sun so we could paint them again. I think we both had a lovely day, Charlie was exhausted and fell asleep at 4.30pm eating his dinner no doubt he will be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.


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