Raw, Honest Motherhood

I’m sat on the bed with my poorly little boy who is full of a cold and chesty cough (still), the rain is pouring down and my clothes are soaked through. Monday again, how quick do the weekends go? I prefer the run up to Christmas (October, November, December) much more than the actual day, so I love cosy weekends spent as a family or with friends. There aren’t many weekends left to savour the magic before it all comes to an end for another year.

Our Sunday started well we were all in good spirits so we headed to Aldi for a food shop, the children were well behaved and it was a speedy trip. We had a couple of hours back at home getting on top of chores and housework before heading to Bicton Park as the children were getting antsy, fighting, bickering and needed a good run around.

We like to visit Bicton during late afternoon as the soft play is quiet so you can actually get a seat. There was a time when we would be running after the children and helping them up and down slides, in the ball pool and bouncy castle. I remember taking Amelie when she was really little, we spent many hours there and it is strange to see how much she has grown during that time. Nowadays the children would rather we stayed on the side-lines watching them bound around like crazy loons, they want the praise when they have climbed that big hill or have taken the leap down the death slide. It is lovely to step back and watch these little people we created be so loving, encouraging and caring towards each other, Amelie is such a good big sister and is always there to help her little brother.

After soft play we walked around the museum and the grounds, it was getting dark by this point so we headed back to the car. However, whilst minding our own business we were followed by two massive swans, they were like bouncers escorting us out. It was funny but scary as they were swimming really fast, ha ha! Once home it was dinner time, the children were exhausted and really pushing boundaries. I’m not sure if it is an age thing but Amelie has been so rude just lately and stroppy, obviously Charlie sees this and starts copying. They both pushed me too far last night and I just couldn’t take any more, it was an early night for them. I find that shouting at them does nothing, they don’t listen to a word I say, talking to them nicely doesn’t work either – how do you discipline your children?

After a good cry and chat with Mr K and one of my best friends I felt better, I’ve decided I’m going to have to implement some tough love even though that kills me to do as I’m such a push over when it comes to following through with threats. At the moment they both rule the roost and I need to get some control back as lately I have no patience and just seem to shout at them and get flustered so I’ve rewritten their Reward Chart. Both children woke up in a really good mood this morning and were on their best behaviour, even before I chatted to them about their chart. Basically whatever the children want they get, they make demands constantly without using manners and run me ragged. So here are some of my new rules:-

  • Use kind words
  • Use manners
  • If you get lots of toys out please tidy away
  • Think of others
  • Please don’t be rude when talking to adults

I realise this is not every parents way of doing things but everyone has different parenting styles. I do wonder when I see mothers with children kicking off in public and they are so placid and calm, do they ever lose their sh*t, do they shout at their children or punish them, do they get flustered? I feel so bad for days when I get cross at the kiddies and upset them, but were is the balance? Mum guilt is very consuming and makes me feel like a rubbish mother.

For now, I’m going to be positive and hope that the Reward Chart helps as I’ve worn out the “Father Christmas is watching you” line already.


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