Saturday Night Thoughts…

My thoughts on a chilly, rainy Saturday evening. I will do a separate post on our move and all the things that have happened as I think it may be beneficial to parents that are moving with young children.

Anyway, back to tonight’s post. I currently have two children sharing the same bed with no cosy bedding just plain pillows and a duvet (my order doesn’t arrive until Monday). We have been let down by the ever so helpful Sky – why do we do this to ourselves, Sky are absolutely shocking. Perhaps it is just because of the ease with the channels etc I don’t know. So we have no TV until Wednesday (and yes I’m that shallow TV is friggin life when you have a sh*t load of things to do and two rugrats), I nearly just burnt my eyelashes off using the new cooker – I’m not used to a gas hob. The gorgeous blush pink jumper with pretty flared sleeves has been dragged through a latte, onion gravy and soaked in the washing up water, what was I thinking wearing that on moving day it is really annoying!

We have no internet for over a week so I may have just spent best part of £10 on a bundle that has completely ripped me off and I’m stood in my kitchen at the work top typing this as we have no sofas for over a week and also no bed for a week – happy days!

I think of all the stresses I’ve encountered today and at times I’ve actually pulled my hair and muttered FFS just a bit too loudly. I’ve been a sh*t mum today, shouty, stressy, impatient and emotional. My kids have followed me everywhere even when they were eating dinner they came to the bottom of the stairs bellowing for me even though Mr K was sat right next to them.

Reflecting on the day they have really needed me, they are apprehensive, excited, hyper, scared and unsure of their new home. We’ve never had an upstairs-downstairs house before (we lived in a two bed bungalow) so this is all new to them (and us) but today I’ve felt completely harassed by my own children, which in a way is kind of absolutely lovely because just when I thought they couldn’t give two stuffs about me it reassured me that they NEED me, and I need them.

I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday night sat on your comfy sofas watching your big TV’s (hahaha!!) I’m currently working my way through a “vintage” 2010 bottle of Merlot to celebrate our new beginnings.


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