Sick Note

Being poorly as an adult is bad enough but being poorly sick when you are a parent is bleddy horrendous! We have been struck down with a god awful sickness bug that we are still in the thick of. No amount of antibacterial hand gel or wipes or sprays could have prevented this one.

It all kicked off on Sunday, Amelie had been complaining of feeling unwell all week with a tummy ache and feeling tired etc. I knew something was brewing as I had been feeling quite similar apart from I kept burning up from the inside. We popped to The Range on Sunday morning, Amelie said she felt ill and that she might be sick so I took her to the toilet but we didn’t get very far when she projectile vomited right in the middle of The Range. Ugh, this had never happened to us before so I just froze like a plonker until a lovely lady asked if I could do with a hand – thank goodness!

It is truly awful to see your fragile child being sick and crying, it makes you feel so helpless. Amelie has been sleeping in my bed since Sunday so I can keep an eye on her, she seemed better on Tuesday and was all set to return to school today but had a relapse last night so is now off until Friday. Kids do bounce back really quickly, where do they get that surge of energy from!?

I started to feel really queasy yesterday with waves of burning up and feeling like I was going to be sick. Unfortunately Charlie had an appointment at Exeter hospital so I had to endure nearly 2 hours on a double decker bus there and back, I have no idea how I managed it as I was proper poorly that night – I am NEVER eating Kettle crisps again. Throwing up a fair few times before I managed to drag myself to bed, when I was just drifting off I heard Charlie throwing up all in his bed, it was everywhere. I tried my best to clean him off and change him but the smell set me off again so I had to get Mr K to take over, we have all been there as parents haven’t we. I dumped all the bedding, towels and jammies in the bath to deal with in the morning. Charlie was sick again in my bed and all over me, I can cope with most things but sick has to be the worst!

I’ve had some dry toast this morning but the thought of eating makes my tummy turn, when I was little and ill I always craved a Whimpy burger and chips and I’m getting that feeling now but I don’t think I could manage that.  I’ve been a crap mum today and laid on the sofa for most of the day drifting in and out of micro sleeps, all bedding and blankets have been washed and I’ve bleached the bathroom. The children have not really left my side though and I’ve obviously taken care of them. They seem so much better and have been back to bickering, having both of them home this week has been intense and I’ve turned into dragon mum – we have severe cabin fever. Feeling ill myself and looking after two poorly babes has wiped me out, I am thankful that Mr K works from home so he has been popping in to help out. He is next in line to catch this nasty bug but hopefully I will be feeling brighter by then as I cannot concentrate on anything, all “work” emails have been pushed to the side and I’m just on mum duty for now.

I hope you are all having a better week.



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