Snow Day February 2019

Another snow day. I didn’t think in a million years that my children would experience another white out. But the snow fell thick and fast last Thursday evening, I really didn’t expect it to settle and to be as deep as it was (probably over 10cm). They were both so excited waking up on Friday morning to a blanket of thick, white fluffy snow. We got a message to say the schools were closed and to be honest our car was buried in snow and our driveway vanished.

We put our wellies on and headed outside for a crisp walk in the crunchy snow, it was absolutely stunning. We played, threw snowballs at each other and made snow angels the children had a wonderful time together and I captured some gorgeous photos of them.

I love nothing more than untouched snow, branches glistening in the sunshine and fields of prettiness. I cannot tell you how gorgeous it is to live in the country and be surrounded by hills. The only thing I miss about living in Devon is the beach because it is one of the best beaches around, apart from Cornwall Exmouth beach is probably one of my faves.

As with all good things though, our walk came to an end as we were freezing and had soggy toes. I made hot chocolates to warm the kiddies up, they snuggled up and watched a movie whilst I cleaned up the mess. We had such a great day and the children went back out into the snow during the afternoon to make a snowman.

Here’s our snow day 2019

As much as I loved the snow and how pretty it was, I’m one of those people who only love it when it is fresh so thankfully the rain washed it away 4 days later. Spring, I’m ready for you!


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