Snow Day!!

We had a snow day!! Well, a couple of snow days actually I cannot believe Devon finally got to experience the white stuff and I don’t think anyone was prepared for the amount that fell. I got a text to say both schools were closed so we were free!

I was so excited for Amelie and Charlie to see proper snow, it really was a magical time for them especially being so young. They will never get to experience playing in the snow as a child again and I wanted to soak up every single second of it. I became that mum who took far too many pointless photos but those photos will stay with us as memories forever, something to look back on and chat about.

The first day was just a dusting so we bundled up and took a walk to our local shop, it was lovely to see so many people out and about. Everyone seemed to be in a really good mood and were friendly, it was a bit like Christmas Day with spirits high. I don’t know what came over me but the first thing I thought to buy at the shop was chocolate biscuits and mini Easter eggs, we did manage to pick up milk and bread – essentials, ha ha!

By the middle of the day the snow was coming down thick and fast, we had scoffed our biccies and drank copious amounts of tea so we headed back out for a walk. I loved hearing the children laughing, getting excited about being in the snow it was so wonderful. The next day we were well and truly snowed in, I’ve never seen so much ice. Literally every inch of our house was covered in a thick layer of ice, there were icicles hanging from lights, gates, walls, cars, it was insane.

I’m not sure what happened but it felt like a bit of a fog came over us, we spent time playing, chatting, eating and it felt like we became closer. There was no pressure to do anything, I didn’t do my hair for 3 days, I lived in scruffy jeans and a hoody all weekend, we ate tons of food – the snow made us want to comfort eat – we drank wine (at night), the house was a tip but I didn’t feel the pressure to tidy up as I knew I wouldn’t have any unexpected visitors turning up, it just felt good in a wierd way not to have to rush about there was a sense of calm. The time we spent together was priceless and I’m so grateful for it, we made memories which we will be talking about for a long time.

I did keep up with local social media and was so warmed to see the community pulling together helping each other out. The snow really was a mark in our history, our children will never see this again during their childhood, they will never get to build a snowman in their own garden, walk the streets and throw snow balls, laugh until their bellies hurt whilst slipping and skidding around and most importantly, just being children doing what children should do – enjoying life.

However, we are back to reality with a bump as both kiddies are ill. Amelie had a temperature/cough/cold/exhaustion over the weekend and Charlie has come down with croup/cold/temperature and I think the starting of scarlet fever – brilliant! I am pleased that the snow has gone though, 2 days was just enough to enjoy it and not get too fed up with being housebound. I’m looking forward to a great week ahead getting the house back into some sort of order, working out, school runs, a mum’s night out and of course Mother’s Day at the end of the week.

I hope you all have a super week.

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