So Ready…

It feels like the children have been home for years but at the same time I cannot believe how quickly the summer holidays have whizzed by. We have crammed a lot into the last 6 weeks, August hasn’t been the best month weather wise but we made the most of it with days out, lazy mornings, late nights, being busy in the garden, visiting the library and playing in the rain.

But, the time has come to start a proper bedtime routine again, think about buying uniform (I still need to do this, oops!) and getting back into some sort of routine. Everyone is ready to return to normality, my house resembles a jumble sale with clothes thrown here, toys everywhere and the clutter is getting to me. Mr K has been off work for the last week so all housework/chores have gone out the window as we have been out every single day, I usually hoover every other day and clean the bathroom every day so seeing the bits on the floor and a messy bathroom has me itching to do a deep clean. But there would have been no point this week because as soon as I clean and tidy it gets messed up within 10 minutes.

I feel like we have exhausted every crafting activity, played every game and visited most of Devon and Somerset during our summer. We have made lots of lovely memories and the children have been very spoilt with treats – something that has to stop. I’m not being a mean mum because they have fleeced me something rotten over the holidays with sweets, cakes, ice creams, toys, books etc but I feel we need to reign it in now. I’m putting a ban on sweet treats, they will have one treat on a Friday after school and if they are hungry they can have some fruit – hahaha! We have eaten out every day for the last 2 weeks, I can’t remember what cooking a proper home-cooked meal feels like, and now September has arrived I’m looking forward to the return of Autumn, my favourite time of year.

I’m not totally ready to say goodbye to summer as lets face it, we’ve had a crap one but I know September is always a beautiful month. I look forward to this time of year when the children go back to school, the nights start drawing in and I can think about cosying up my home ready for Autumn. I’m going to crack out the candles, buy a new fur throw, scatter some fairy lights around and embrace the change in seasons come the end of September.

Charlie starts his 15 hours at preschool and Amelie enters into year 1, both have changes coming but both are excited. They need some structure and a change of environment in their day and to be honest I really need a break from the fisher wife I have become – I’m sick of the sound of my own voice constantly telling the kiddies to stop fighting, stop arguing, tidy up, blah blah blah! I’m sure we have all turned into that nagging mother over the summer especially if you have more than one child at home. I miss peace and quiet and I miss having five minutes to myself without having to get up every second to fetch something for someone. Don’t get me wrong I love being a mum and wouldn’t want it any other way but having a bit of a break and some space will recharge my mum batteries and hopefully make me a better mum. It will be strange not having Charlie with me all the time though but I know he will be loving preschool so I’m not worried about that anymore.

I hope you have all had a super summer despite the whether – here’s to getting routine back, a clean home and calmer children (I’m dreaming there!).


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