Summer Holiday Activities For Children – Ice Excavations!

I thought I would share a series of activities that the children get up to over the summer holidays, things that I have been wanting to try for ages and also to keep them busy. This week’s activity is…

Ice Excavations

Really simple and cheap activity for children to do but keeps them entertained and their busy minds ticking over. You will need some small toys that you don’t mind getting wet and frozen, a strong large zip lock bag, some water and enough space in your freezer.

I chose a Frozen theme for Amelie’s bag and a dinosaur/cars/bugs theme for Charlie’s bag. I placed the toys into two separate bags and filled them with water. I zipped the bags up and placed them in the top of the freezer, making sure the toys were spaced out.

I left these in the freezer for around 24 hours to ensure they were fully frozen. Once we were ready to start excavating I took them out and cut the bags off with scissors. Then it was time for the children to start smashing the blocks to pieces, and what fun they had.

The children enjoyed being able to smash the ice up and got excited when they found a toy. Charlie stayed in the garden for around an hour or so afterwards playing with the melting ice.

Let me know if you try this at home with your kiddies.



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