Summer Holiday Planning

What a busy but fun week we are having, the last full one before the children break up for the summer holidays. I am trying not to panic over them being at home for 6 whole weeks and how on earth I am going to keep them entertained without losing my own sanity.

One thing is for sure this summer break, I am NOT going to feel guilty for not taking them to an attraction every day. Every year I feel this pressure and need to have to make every single moment fun and exciting for the children. Granted, it was easier to keep them busy when little as they were in a routine and still napped, we didn’t really experience the whole breaking up for summer excitement.

Both children love being outside, I’m keeping my fingers crossed this marvellous weather continues as life is so much easier when they can play in the garden. They love nothing more than finding bits and bobs to make potions, or dragging out the entire crafting cupboard contents and creating masterpieces. My plan for this summer is to use the car less and walk more, having said that, I’m not sure my ears can take the constant ‘my legs are tired’ whingeing so I may have to plan my route carefully and use as many distractions as possible.

I want a summer like I had as a child, I was out to play from the minute I woke up to when my mum would shout at the end of the garden ‘dinner time’. I used to be off making dens, playing with sticks and mud, going around on my bike and just generally being a kid. We never went abroad when I was little, my mum didn’t drive and we didn’t ever go to soft play. But I don’t ever remember thinking ‘oh this is rubbish’ I had the best summers and would almost certainly end my days with tangled hair, dirty knees and feet, grazed elbows and a mucky face.

Sadly I would never allow my children to go out to play like I did, times have changed and I would never forgive myself if something awful happened. So instead I’ve made a list of activities I’m planning on doing with the kiddies (I’ll share this in a separate post), in no particular order just see what kind of mood they wake up in and plan our days from there. Obviously I’ll be stressed to the eyeballs most days, my house will look like a barn and I will have no time for chores, I will do a deep clean (toothbrush clean) when they go back to school.

I am determined to do lots of fun and free/cheap activities with them, I’ll take lots of photos and make a Summer 2018 memory book to look back on.

What are your plans for the summer holidays?


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