Summer Holiday Activities for Children: DIY Stamps & Paint Station

From an early age I have always encouraged the children with messy play, not such a great idea when you have cream carpets but hey, that’s what messy mats are for. Both of my children love painting but I am not keen on tidying up their mess, so I decided to make my own paint station for them along with some DIY stampers.


You will need an empty egg box, some paints, brushes and newspaper for this activity. You can probably guess it isn’t rocket science, simply put your chosen paint colours into the egg pot, don’t over fill though as they will merge into one. Once you have done this, push the paint brushes into the pointy cardboard in the egg box to keep them secure.


To make the stampers you will need clean plastic bottle tops, 3D stickers/shapes, pom poms and some glue. I didn’t spend anything making these stampers as I just raided the kiddie’s crafting box and also the recycling bag. Once you have decided on what you want to put on the bottle tops, stick everything in place and you are good to go.

I put everything together in the paint station and set out some newspaper on the dining table for the children. The great thing about this activity is once the kiddies are finished painting and creating you can just wrap everything up in the newspaper and pop it in the bin, apart from washing the paint brushes there will be no clearing up.

Amelie and Charlie had great fun and thought it was exciting to have a new paint station to mess around with.


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