Summer Holidays – Our Week

I can’t believe how quickly the first week of the summer holidays has gone. We have not stopped this week, the weather has been up and down but we have made the most of it.


We started our week saying a sad farewell to a very special family member. We didn’t take the children, Amelie went to summer club at school as she had been begging me to book her in. Charlie spent the day with my mum, sister, brother and nephew, I hear they had a great day together.


I took advantage of the sunshine and got the children dressed and fed early so we could head to our favourite park – World of Country Life. Our annual pass ran out on Friday so I knew we had to visit before. We spent a few hours roaming around the park, playing, seeing the animals and taking a ride on the deer train. The kiddies love visiting and especially love tearing around the soft play, Charlie managed to get himself wedged right at the top of one of the soft plays, hysterically crying for me to rescue him. I found it hard not to laugh when I saw him, goodness knows how he managed to climb right to the top and into such a tiny space.

We came home and played in the garden before the rain arrived.


It was chucking it down on Wednesday but I had to do a food shop. I would normally avoid this at all cost especially as I had to take both children with me. We had to nip to Home Bargains first to stock up on cleaning products and crafty bits for the children. Then we headed to Aldi where I went in search of their famous Jo Malone dupe candles, I was so pleased I found them. Both children were exceptionally well behaved, this might have something to do with my KitKat bribe though.

We came home and got the crafts out, the children had a go at planting their very own Venus Fly Trap and Cactus which I picked up from The Range.


We ticked something off of our bucket list, we went sunflower picking with some lovely friends at Darts Farm. I think all the children loved their morning out, the boys especially loved finding a dead rabbit. They were so intrigued by it and as soon as Charlie arrived they called him over to have a look, ha ha ha!


Amelie returned to summer club for the morning and I blitzed the house as I had a friend coming over for a catch up. I love it when the house is immaculate and smelling fresh. I lit the candles and got the cakes ready.

After I picked Amelie up we came home as it was tipping down. The children trashed the house pulling all their toys out and we played Barbies and Cars. Mr K gave Charlie a box of his old cars from when he was little, Charlie hasn’t stopped playing with them.


Here we are at Saturday already. We took Amelie into town this morning as she wanted her ears pierced, this decision wasn’t made lightly it has been discussed about for months. I know it isn’t everyone’s personal choice to have their 5 year olds ears pierced but I think Amelie is grown up enough to decide herself. I wanted her to have them pierced at the beginning of the holidays so we could take care of them properly. She was so brave and didn’t cry or make a fuss, she’s very happy with her new earrings.

We had lunch out as a treat and nipped into M&S for the 2 dine for £10 meal deal, although I’m still stuffed. It is going to be a lazy afternoon chilling with the children.

I hope you have all had a super week!



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