Summer Holidays!!

Yes, the summer holidays are in reach and my goodness the break is needed. Amelie is exhausted and cannot wait to finish school on Friday, we are going to celebrate her first year in Reception with a movie, sweets, popcorn, ice cream and snuggles when Charlie chops is in bed. Below is a list of things I’m looking forward to and things I’m not so excited about…

The Good

Not having to set my alarm – I usually set my alarm for 6.35am as I like to have plenty of time to get sorted and not rush around. I never actually have to rely on my alarm much as Charlie has woken me up way before this.

No routine – All routine will be thrown out of the window during the holidays, I want to relax with the children and not stick to a schedule.

Lazy days – We are definitely going to be having lots of lazy days at home, time for the children to wind down and play with their toys, have some tablet time, play games, watch movies and just chill out.

No school run and a break from the playground – I cannot wait to walk out of the gates on Friday knowing we don’t have to return until September.

Not doing my hair – Sounds vain but, I’ve decided to grow my colour out completely (I always say this) which means I can just shove my hair up without doing a thing to it, giving it a rest from bleach and heat.

Play dates with friends – I’m really looking forward to seeing friends over the summer, getting the children together for a play and to burn off some energy. Also for us mums to have a glass of something cold with bubbles – yes I am that mum who would bring wine to a play date!

The Bad

The bickering – I know full well that my children will end up bickeringĀ a lot, I’m preparing myself for this – they are children and they are siblings so they are bound to argue and fight.

Boredom – It will take Amelie probably 2 days at the most to say she’s bored. She is used to being around her friends, learning and playing. Her mind is occupied all the time at school.

Empty cupboards – Whenever my children are away from school they seem to scoff and scoff, my food bill is nearly double. They are always hungry and eating constantly.

Busy towns, beaches and attractions – I tend to visit attractions, the beach and soft plays first thing in the morning when there is no one around. My two are early risers so we are usually up and out by 10am most mornings, that way Charlie won’t get trampled on at soft play and we get a parking space along the seafront.

No routine – I know I mentioned this above but by the third week of the holidays I can guarantee I will be itching for some normality and routine back in our lives – I’m so fickle.


I hope you all have a super summer and survive the holidays!


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