A Sunday Well Spent…

They say a Sunday well spent, brings a week of content and I sure hope that’s true. We had a lovely family Sunday eating out, cooking together, playing with vintage Lego and ending it with a big roast dinner.

Sunday morning was spent at a trendy bar for breakfast. We usually go to Wetherspoons but fancied somewhere a little different so we headed to Spoken in Exmouth. The food was so delicious and excellent quality with lots of choice on the menu. The children shared American Pancakes with Nutella whilst Mr K and myself chose the Across The Pond breakfast I wasn’t expecting it to be as huge as it was and it did defeat me, the coffee was also very good. Amelie and Charlie are extremely fussy eaters, I was really surprised to see they ate the lot, they even had one of my hash browns. Amelie said, the pancakes were so yummy, the best she ever had and wanted to go back for more – a bit hit with them both!


After our feast we popped into our second home – Tesco. We needed a roast chicken for our lunch but I was horrified to see this tiny little sparrow in a plastic bag as their offering for a “standard roast chicken”, there was more meat on my left boob than there was on that chicken! Time was short so I begrudgingly picked it up, never again though. I’ll buy a proper one from Aldi and put it in the slow cooker.

As we were still so stuffed from our breakfast the children played and I pottered around doing housework and getting organised for school. I prepped all the dinner and got the kiddies involved in making the stuffing which they loved, they enjoy helping around the house and are so happy when I say I have a job for them.

Mr K’s sister popped over with a huge bag of Lego that belonged to him when he was little, there were lots of treasures and it kept my two occupied for hours, especially Charlie. He is a massive fan of Lego anyway so this new bag was hours of excitment for him.

We all sat to the table for our Sunday lunch, chatted and scoffed. I didn’t plan on having a massive eating day but enjoyed it at the time, afterwards we had apple crumble with custard – yum yum. I paid for it though as I had the worst tummy ache ever, I looked like I swallowed a basket ball and have been full up since I’ve not eaten that much since Christmas. I’m still full today and have only managed to eat a yoghurt, bleugh!

I do like having time as a family on Sundays taking life at our leisure but between all the lovely bits there were times when I had to separate the children because their bickering and constant screetching at each other made my ears bleed.

I hope you all had a great weekend.


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