Sundays – Blogmas Day 8


Another weekend has passed and we are half way through the week already, the time is whizzing by it will soon be Christmas. Our weekends have been jammed packed just recently but this weekend we had a chilled one. I love a cosy Sunday and this one was super cosy.

We took the children to a lovely soft play called Ocean which is on the seafront in Exmouth. I really like this soft play as it overlooks the beach, there’s enough space for everyone and you can see your children playing at all angles. Charlie is at the age now where he wants to be off playing with Amelie. They were so cute together, Amelie was giving Charlie a bunk up on the tricky steps and they were chasing each other around like crazy loons. They had a great time and it was nice for once that Mr K and I got to enjoy a coffee and hot chocolate in peace.

We popped into Tesco on the way home to pick up some treats and supplies for dinner, Tesco is always rammed at the weekends and was no different today. My two hate going shopping so this had to be a quick trip. When we got home we all settled down to watch a Christmas film, we chose Elf. Amelie loved it, this has kind of been a habit that we have undertaken in the last few weeks – watching lots of Christmas films on a Sunday. I will be sad when the build up to Christmas is over as that is my favourite part, I’m definitely a Christmas Eve lover rather than Christmas Day.

For our movie munchies we chose these delicious biscuits, they were so good, a bit sickly but very tasty. I think they are new as I’ve not seen them in the shops before, they went very well with a lovely cuppa.

For Dinner I made roast chicken, mini jacket potatoes and cauliflower cheese, yummy scrummy! I also devoured half a pack of After Eights, this time of year is so bad for diets or just watching what you are eating. I’m trying really hard not to pig out too much or drink any alcohol until at least 20th December. I hate that feeling of being bloated and just feeling generally unhealthy. Saying that though, as I’ve not been well I’m really picky with my food and not really eating properly and what I am eating is just crap. I am trying to stay on track but if I fancy a biscuit I will have one.


The children had a bath and hair wash, I got clothes sorted for the morning and packed lunches ready. I was quite orgainsed this week and laid out Amelie’s underwear and school uniform for the following 3 days. This helped so much with the rush of Monday morning. I can’t believe it is nearly time for the children to break up from school. I’m really looking forward to having Amelie home for 2 weeks, I love waking up in the mornings knowing I get to spend the whole day with her.

I hope your week is going well and you’ve got your Christmas shopping underway. I’m nearly done, just got to write my Christmas food shop list.


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