Sundays when I was little consisted of getting up early watching cartoons in my pyjamas whilst eating Frosties. We only had four channels growing up so it was exciting watching the programmes I had been waiting for all week. Sunday was a lazy day, the day before a brand new week at school, I can’t remember ever having homework although we probably did.

My sister and I would play (fight, more like) all morning, my Mum always cooked us a roast dinner or cottage pie to eat for lunch. Roast chicken was cooked in the oven, had really crispy skin and was used for sandwiches for lunches during the week, the leftovers were also used as a meal – we would have cold roast chicken, home-made chips and salad or beans, yummy! There’s something, even now, about eating a proper roast chicken cooked in the oven, the taste and smell just takes me back to my childhood.

After lunch we would either walk to my Nan’s house, collecting leaves and conkers during Autumn or we would go out to play. I remember so vividly our evening routine every single Sunday:- bath, hair wash, nails cut (I hated that part), fresh night-dress on and snuggled down in the front room watching an old school James Bond film, there seemed to be one on every Sunday evening. For tea we would have Tuna sandwiches mixed with ketchup and salad cream – they were the BEST sandwiches ever! Then it was off to bed ready for school the next day.

I absolutely love family “home” days on a Sunday, getting up at our leisure and having no set plans. This is the first proper Sunday we have spent in our new home, we had a coffee in town first thing then mooched to a few shops. We have spent the rest of the day lounging, sorting and I’ve cooked a scrumptious roast dinner. The children are set for a bath soon with fresh jammies and then it is off to bed. I love this time of year (no surprises there) and being cosy indoors with hearty meals.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.


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