Thank Goodness For Soft Play

Soft play is essentially a padded area for your offspring to go absolutely mental in. I sit here with my black Amerciano straight from the cheap coffee machine, magazines (get me!) and just look at the utter carnage before my eyes. The screams of delight when whizzing down the death slide, the cries of pain after busting a lip prompting the staff to gather round and wipe the blood off of the said slide and the constant ‘Muuuuuummmmyyyyy, look at me!’.

I have to be honest and say, my kids have been really patient with me this summer (they’ve also been total shits). Dragging them round Waitrose getting a food shop in and having home days so I can get chores done is not their idea of fun and frolics. So we had an action packed day in Exmouth today (leaving the house before 9am) and our first stop was of course Ocean Soft Play.

They needed to race round, screaming shouting and getting a sweat on. Only coming back to me gasping for breath when they needed a drink or to tell me that ‘this girl was being really mean to us’ – oh the drama!

I needed that break from the constant demands, the bickering, the talking a million miles an hour in my face. So selfishly I took them to soft play to get that break I desperately needed. Although technically it wasn’t much of a break as every 5 seconds they shouted me to ‘watch this, no, not that, this’. I’m sure every parent out there can relate and even though we loathe the dreaded sweat pit that is soft play, it really is a godsend sometimes.

As always I think being honest about parenthood really helps and there are so many of us going through the same struggles this summer. I’ve never seen so many mums open up on Instagram about how hard they are finding these six weeks at home with our children. Just because we voice our battles does not for one second mean that we want to be away from our kiddies or indeed, send them back to school. I love having my two home but find the balance of it all too consuming. I am sure the children get just as frustrated and down as us parents, it has to be hard for them to adapt to home life again after being constantly stimulated by school and playing with friends.

The first two weeks were brilliant, however week three has been savage (to put it lightly). I’ve never cried so much as I have done over the last week and a half, doubting myself as a mum, thinking I’m not doing things right, I’m not a good mum – oh and the mum guilt has been off the scale. It is the little things that mean the most and reassure me that I am doing a good job. It doesn’t help that I’ve not been well, Mr K is abroad working, I’m not sleeping and we lost a very special family member this week. Everything has all come at once and I reached my limit yesterday I felt completely broken.

Today was a new day and getting out of the house visiting family and being silly has done us all the world of good. As we don’t live that close to family any more it can feel isolating and sometimes you just need a big hug from your mum and for her to tell you how much she loves you, how special you are and what a good job you are doing with the kiddies. I am very close to my family, it was only my mum, sister and me growing up so we have a really tight bond. I’m being a “yes mum” next week and having a sleepover at my sister’s new house with her gorgeous boy, it is going to be chaos but do you know what, I cannot wait to make all those special memories together.

It is nearing the end of week three and my first week of solo parenting. I’m going to be kind to myself and have booked in to have my hair lopped off on Saturday morning, I need a refresh as I feel like I’ve been dug up and set on fire. We then have a play date and I am most certainly stopping off at Sainsbury’s for a bottle of vino and a chocolate bar as a treat for Saturday night as I will be on my lonesome (I don’t mind that bit really).

I hope you guys are all having a brilliant summer hols and if not, you are not alone I promise you.


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