The Good In Motherhood

We all know being a mum is a tough job and it can really get you down at some points, you doubt yourself constantly whether you are doing a good job, the little monkeys wear you out and run you into the ground and you are exhausted beyond belief.

I’m guilty of focussing on the negatives quite a lot and moaning about how the children have been naughty etc, but there are so many positives about motherhood and I’m going to try and put my energy into seeing the good. So here are my favourite things about being a mum and how motherhood has changed me.


  • The first person my children call out to when they are poorly, have an accident, need a snack, need a drink or want a cuddle is “mummy”. How lovely is it that I am their whole world and they love me unconditionally.


  • I’ve always got a best friend who chats nonsense to me, makes me laugh, tells me crazy stories and opens up my imagination.


  • I’m not self obsessed and selfish. Before children I only had myself to be concerned with and take care of, when I became a mum I had this tiny human that I would do absolutely anything for. I’m way way down in the pecking line as my whole family come before me.


  • I’m more confident than I have ever been, I have to throw myself into social situations such as meeting new people at baby and toddler groups, going to school events, chatting to other mums in the playground.


  • There is always someone to give me a nice squishy hug albeit with grubby little hands but it is such a lovely feeling to be needed.


  • I’m more empathetic, I understand and can relate to far more situations now that I’m a mum. Age may also have something to do with that as well.


  • Being a stay-at-home mum really is the best job I’ve ever had. I feel incredibly lucky to have had 4 years (5 years if you include maternity leave) at home with my children, I try not to take each day at home for granted as I know life can throw all kinds of rubbish at you.


  • I love co-sleeping, I know lots of people won’t agree with my way of parenting but I love nothing more than when Charlie climbs into our bed every night, gets me in a headlock and falls asleep. Amelie doesn’t come into our bed any more during the night, only if she’s poorly. She was in our bed until she turned 3 and I really miss having her next to me.


  • I get to watch Disney films, cartoons and kids programmes. I’m sick to death of Peppa Pig but I do like to watch Ben & Holly, Sofia the First, The Little Princess, Operation Ouch and Do You Know. I’ve learnt so much from these programmes, ha ha!


  • Clothes – this is probably my favourite mummy duty, buying and styling the children’s outfits. Amelie suits proper girly smart dresses so I love Next, Gap and Zara for her clothes. Charlie suits skinny jeans/trousers and I’ve always put him in Zara bottoms as they fit so well. Any excuse to shop, I would rather buy the kiddies a new outfit than myself as it is so much more exciting.


  • I love how much my children adore each other, granted they are little tinkers to each other but they really do get on and love each other. I love listening to them play, they make up really silly games and like playing schools or holidays which is really cute.


  • I’ve certainly had to learn to be more patient and not get angry. I never knew I could be as patient as I’ve been over the years, I’m a fly off the handle kind of uptight person who gets irritated easily by stupid things. Since having the children I’ve had to chill the F out and not stress over silly things like teaching a 4 year old how to read – Me: “spell the word out darling” Amelie: “B-I-F-F” “CAT” Me: “Nooooo!! It’s Biff, not cat, how is that cat!?”. Also not to get cross if one of them has done something they shouldn’t have, they are little and still learning so I try to tell myself that often. It doesn’t always work and I turn into crazy bitch mum but then I feel guilty and remember they are the age they are.


  • I’m proud I grew them, I look at their little faces sometimes and think how amazing it is that I grew them and how on earth did they manage to come out of a tiny C-section scar.


I realise this all sounds sickly but I just wanted to put it out there that there are lots of good things about being a mum and thought it might be nice to share them.


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