The Simple Life

We love to get outdoors with the children at the weekends. Sometimes it is nice to chill out but we all end up going a bit stir crazy, the kiddies start bickering and squabbling, I start shouting and it all goes a bit tits up. Fresh air really is good for the soul, I find if the children have a free reign to run, shout, scream, sing and just be kids they are much calmer when we return home.

This weekend we decided to head to one of our favourite beaches in Budleigh. We stopped off for an essential flat white in the gorgeous cafe Earls, I absolutely love this coffee shop it serves the best coffee and is always so welcoming. After our pit stop we mooched in the charity shops, Amelie loves a good rummage in the charity shop to see what treasures she can find. Nine times out of ten we end up with some random bit of tat that Amelie ‘really needs’.

I packed a “picnic” – when I say picnic I really mean some sandwiches, left over tortilla crisps, some fruit and drinks – to enjoy on the beach. On this particular day I wanted to tire the children out as they were intense and needed to burn off some energy, we did have fun though. After lunch we had a long walk back to the car, we took a detour to the park and around the houses. I love looking at houses and imagining what kind of people live in them – weird I know.

The children had a lovely day and were exhausted by the end, they love spending time with both mummy and daddy without the distraction of phones, tv, toys etc. It is just the simple things in life that they really remember and talk about for ages, I always take lots of photos when we venture out, not just for blogging but for memories of them being so young.



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