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Top 5 Favourite Games For Children

We love playing games as a family and have quite the selection. I find it a brilliant distraction if the children are a bit wired and need that calm time without being plugged into a tablet.

I thought I would share our top 5 favourite games which we have been playing on repeat.



This game was introduced to us by the children’s cousins, we had never heard of Dobble before. Dobble is a card game which is thoroughly addictive, you have to be fast, observant and have super quick reflexes to match the images on your card to the master pile in the middle. We have had quite a few arguments over this game and lots of strops/tears from the kiddies but it is such a brilliant family game. Just to warn you, it turns you into a really competitive player and gave me a headache, ha ha!



This is Amelie’s favourite game ever, Charades for kids. It is a fun easy game to play as a family, the subjects on the cards suit every age range which makes it great for the little ones to get involved in. The cards are stored in a little carry case for ease, I like to take them with us if we are going out to eat or for a coffee – something to keep the children entertained.



Orchard Toys Games have been a staple in our games cupboard, from an early age we have loved these games. Here are our favourites:-

  • The Shopping List Game
  • Giraffes In Scarves
  • Tummy Ache
  • Crazy Chef
  • Tell The Time

The games are educational, fun and one of our most played with “toys”.



One for the slightly older child I would say as it takes a bit of explaining. I play this with Amelie and once you get the concept of the game it is really fun. I used to have Monopoly as a child and loved it so I am happy to see the Junior version, it is aimed at children from age 5 -8 years old.



What is it with kids and snot or bogies, they love anything remotely gross. My sister bought Gooey Louie for Charlie when he was about 3 and it is a firm favourite of his. The aim of the game is to pull out the long green snots from Louie’s bit fat nose, if you pick the wrong one his brain will jump out of his head and his eyes pop out!


We do have a great deal more games to share but the above are the most played with. I would love to know what games your children like and if you have any recommendations.


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