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We Ate Out!! Zizzi, Taunton

I just need to document that we ate out a couple of weeks ago. It was such a treat and so needed, a little slice of normality that was very much enjoyed by all.

With life opening up once again, albeit to a very different “normal”, you really have to appreciate it in all its glory as you never know when it will (fingers crossed it won’t) be snatched away again. There aren’t many places near where we live to sit out and eat which serve a gluten free menu. I feel so high maintenance and awkward saying I need a gluten free option. It honestly makes me feel very diva like, embarrassed and a pain in the arse, but in all honesty if I ate something with gluten/wheat/rye/barley I would be so so poorly – my options are extremely limited!

Anyway, it wasn’t planned but I booked a table at Zizzi in Taunton for a late lunch/early dinner. Zizzi is on my safe list, there are only a handful of restaurants I consider safe. Cosy Club, Bill’s, Margoux, Rockfish, Pizza Express and Zizzi are the ones I would always go to if we were heading out for a meal as I know the staff are fantastic, they listen and the food is amazing.

So we took our sweet selves to Zizzi, sat in the sunshine but it was bloody freezing, ha ha! Never mind though, mama got a delicious gin ton, Daddy had a beer and the little bears had Sprite with a glass of ice. This is the most exciting thing for Amelie and Charlie when we eat out, the glass of ice and something fizzy to drink – bless them!



I love the menu at Zizzi, especially the children’s options. They both had veggie sticks with garlic bread and a pesto dip to start. My kiddies have never tried pesto before, if I served them this they would probably gag. But as we were out and it came in a posh little dish those buggers ate the lot and wanted more – typical! Mr K and I didn’t have a starter but you now get a bowl of complementary dried pasta crisps for the table – all gluten free – which I thought was a brilliant idea. Safe to say, I had 2 crisps and the rest were devoured by Amelie of all people, she loved them. I’m not a pasta girl I’m sorry to say, I love a big thin and crispy pizza so I had the gluten free pepperoni, mushroom and ham pizza. Mr K had some sort of chicken thigh dish and the minis had a cheese & tomato pizza.



There’s something so lovely about eating out as a family, it is one of our favourite things to do, a hobby if you like. We have missed it so much, but I did forget that my Son cannot sit still for the life of him. I made the rookie mistake of not bringing any entertainment, as there were no colouring pencils etc for him. I will of course remember this for next time and head to B&M to stock up on table tat as I like to call it. You know the stuff, a mini notepad, stickers, pens, slime or a blind bag.

But, all in all we had such a brilliant time, the food went down extremely well, as did the two double ginnys I had. Hopefully the weather will make up its mind for next time we eat out as we have a big birthday coming up (not me) in a couple of weeks and we are heading back to our fave restaurant by the sea – Rockfish. Honestly their gluten free options are insane, they even have decent starters and dessert, yummies, I cannot wait!!!

Have you guys eaten out yet, or been to the pub?


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