My Week – Chit Chat

The one thing I really love about blogging is that you are able to get everything you’ve been thinking off your chest and it is not aimed at anyone in particular. I know most people will find my chit chat boring and I know it isn’t really relevant whatsoever but having this window of white to type whatever you like feels liberating, a bit like therapy. Being a stay at home mum to a young child can be at times, lonely. I know I have this wonderful little person keeping me company all the time but he’s not really interested in hearing about grown up things and just general waffle that I’m thinking. My mind goes a million miles an hour most days and I think the most random thoughts sometimes. One minute I could be daydreaming about what I’m going to make for dinner whilst doing the dishes and the next a silly thought will pop into my head, like I wonder what so and so is doing up the road, they could really do with washing their nets, I wonder what their kitchen looks like inside – only because I’m that nosey.

Anyway, this week has been a bit of a nothing week. The weather has been hit and miss making me unmotivated, Charlie has been poorly with a temperature of 38 I’m guessing he picked up Amelie’s bug from the previous week. Both children’s sleeping patterns have been erratic and they have been waking up very early, we have been playing musical beds also and unfortunately Mr K has ended up on the sofa every night. I’m finding it hard to wind down after the day I really need an early night but can’t seem to get one.

A really annoying thing happened on Wednesday night, my phone decided to give up on me. I only got it in June, it was working fine but then wouldn’t turn on, the screen went all funny and it is now unresponsive. I’ve had to take my sim card out, reinstall all my apps to an old smashed phone and use that which is not ideal. I hate it when annoying things like that happen I’ll have to take it into the phone shop at the weekend to see if they are able to assist me – first world problems!

As you know Amelie’s birthday is soon and she’s having her first ever party, a hall has been booked as well as a disco and a local fish & chip shop are catering for us. I have quite enjoyed organising the party but the thing I’ve found most challenging is the invitations. I had no idea there was a “thing” with invites – do you invite the whole class? Why aren’t people replying? I feel bad for those that aren’t invited…. the list goes on. Most forums I have read say that some schools will not distribute invitations if the whole class isn’t invited – WTF!? Luckily Amelie’s school is pretty relaxed and have given everyone’s invite out. However, we are nearing the RSVP date and I’m still waiting for about 8 people to respond, I’m new at this party malarkey but surely it is only polite to reply yes or no before the date on the invitation??

I’m quite looking forward to getting to know some of the mums better as in the mornings it is a polite smile or quick “hello”. What I do find odd is some mums talk to you one day then ignore you the next like they don’t even know who you are. I have spoken to a few friends about this and they have experienced it too, what’s that all about? I feel awkward some days when I smile and say “hi” and they either just look at me or pretend they haven’t seen me, ha ha! This school mum business is all very confusing and I think we should all go on a course before our children start “big school” to prep us on playground etiquette.

If I’m honest I’m looking forward to this week being over and I really do hate to wish time away but I’m ready for the weekend. Amelie isn’t a fan of school dinners so I’m making her a packed lunch Mon-Thurs, but Fridays is chippy day so I get a day off lunches – woo hoo! I’m determined to do something productive tomorrow as Charlie and me haven’t ventured out much this week we have been crafting and playing at home, I do cherish those “home” days though as he will be at preschool soon enough.

I wish it would snow, my instagram feed is full of people playing in the white stuff and I’m so jealous as it never snows in Exmouth, we get freezing cold rain mixed with sleet and nothing ever settles – boo!

Right, enough rambling I’m signing off until Monday. I hope you are all well and have a super weekend!




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