Weekend Adventures 2017

So we survived our first week back at school of 2017 and hit reality with a bump, we were all ready for the weekend and as always I can’t believe how quickly it has gone.


We had a slow paced morning, the children didn’t wake up too early thankfully. They have taken to waking up at silly o’clock during the week so I was quite pleased they had a tiny lie in. Both children needed their hair cut, Amelie hasn’t had her hair cut in nearly a year I think so we ventured into Exmouth town to run some errands.

I picked up a few new tops this week (there’s a haul to come) so decided to wear a lovely striped jumper from Dorothy Perkins, River Island Molly Jeans (my fave) and my new coat from New Look.

I can’t remember the last time we got the children’s feet measured so we went to Clarks, Amelie had stayed the same size but Charlie had gone up by half a size so Mr K picked out some new shoes for him and off we went to the hair dressers. The salon we go to is mainly for males but they always ask if we went Amelie’s hair cut, this time we asked them to cut her hair. I’m very nervous when it comes to cutting hair and Amelie’s hair is down to her bottom so we wanted to keep the length but tidy up the tatty ends. They did a great job and the lady who was cutting Charlie’s hair actually suggested taking a photo of the children as they had never had their hair cut together before.

After hair cuts it was home to warm up and get snuggly. Charlie had been running a temperature of 38 all day so I wanted to get him home as soon as possible to get some medicine in him. I always worry when the children are ill, I always think the worst and when they have a temperature it worries me silly. The kiddies had supper and a story then went to bed.

Charlie woke up a few hours after going to bed burning again and wanting cuddles so I dosed him up and we went to bed.



We had an unexpected lie in as the children didn’t wake up until 7.30am which is totally unheard of in our house. I started the day with good intentions by having fresh lemon in hot water, safe to say my eating habits went way down hill after breakfast but you know what, I’m so fed up of putting pressure on myself to be this wonderful healthy person all the time sometimes you just have to live in the moment and enjoy life. I’m making it a goal this year to just go with it and not be strict with my diet and exercise plan as I have so much more fun when I let loose.

We had planned a walk from Dawlish Warren to Dawlish town along the coastal path. When we arrived at Dawlish Warren the parking was free which was such a nice surprise. The weather wasn’t looking too good so we made a toilet stop and headed to the amusements.

We were surprised to see a sign saying “Free Face Painting Every Sat-Sun” how amazing is that? Amelie always wants her face painted when we go to festivals or fetes but usually we don’t have any change on us or it is ridiculously expensive. We went to seek out this free face painting and were so surprised to see the lady there painting faces. I have to say she was the best face painter we have ever visited, the paint lasted all day and didn’t smudge off of Amelie’s face at all. She even went into a soft play and came out with a full face of paint. I cannot rate this lady enough, sadly she lives and works in another town to us. But if you are local to East Devon and fancy a trip to Dawlish Warren, check her out as she works in the amusements every weekend painting faces. We will certainly be returning.

Amelie asked for a Petal Princess design and looked amazing! We donated some money for the charity the lady was working for, it was worth every penny.

We were supposed to being walking from Dawlish Warren to Dawlish Town but the weather put a stop to that so we asked the children what they wanted to do – go for a walk or go to the pub for lunch? Obviously they chose the pub (my kids love the pub, ha ha) so we headed to The Boathouse. We’ve been here before but I didn’t remember it had a soft play which was a bonus. I have to say this was the most family friendly pub we’ve ever been to and catered to everyone’s needs. I didn’t feel like I had to shush the children or make them sit nicely all the time, you know what I mean? Some places you go to you feel pressured to keep your children strapped to their chairs and not act like children. They had a great time playing in the soft play and looking out of the window at the Warren.

As you can see I have failed at dry January and I am totally fine with that. I’ve decided to (as previously stated) live in the moment and not care if I have a glass of wine with my lunch when I’m having such a lovely day with my family. Lunch consisted of a light bite fish and chips for me, it was scrumptious!

After lunch we mooched around the amusements again and then headed back to the car. Both children were so well behaved today and they had so much fun. Even though I’m a super fan of winter – well, when I say winter I mean September, October, November and December – I cannot wait until spring time with some warmer weather. I’m so looking forward to our holiday and am already planning outfits, bikinis I want to buy and I’m definitely booking to have my eyelashes done before I fly!

Charlie is running a temperature so I’m keeping an eye on him, hopefully it will pass soon. Both kiddies went to bed around 6pm, homework has been completed and Amelie read her book to me without any hesitation which is just amazing. I hope you have all had a good weekend, I’ve got to say I’m loving not stressing about being up and ready by 9am on a weekend, these lazy mornings are certainly a thing I could get used to.

Until next weekend – have a good one xx



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