Weekend Adventures

It has been a long old week full of illness running into the weekend, Sunday is here and I’m struggling the most. But, we had to get out of the house as we were climbing the walls.


We had every intention of going to Exmouth carnival but we were all feeling under the weather still. The children were bored so we decided to take a trip to Bicton Park for the last hour and a half of the day and really enjoyed it. It was lovely and quiet, the children were able to run riot around soft play and let off steam. I felt so sick I had to just sit on the side lines whilst Mr K chased after the kiddies – he’s such a fun dad, I love it. After soft play we had a stroll in the sunshine around the grounds, ran a few races and enjoyed the warm October afternoon.

On the way home we stopped at Budleigh beach, the children love it there. Charlie spent most of the time throwing pebbles and making a hole while Amelie made a pebble person – cute!


A dreaded food shop was needed today as we had no food, I’ve not been eating and couldn’t really think of a meal plan so I just picked up bits here and there. I love Aldi and have reduced our shopping budget by half shopping there.

I heard there were jelly fish being washed up along the seafront in Exmouth so we went in search of them, we found 3 Portuguese man o’ war, they are so pretty but quite dangerous so I made sure the children stayed back. Our walk along the beach was really nice, the fresh air was just what was needed.

I am hoping and praying for a better week next week, it is the last before half term and Amelie has a Halloween disco at Ocean which she is so excited about.


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